Supporting industries with outsourced data labeling services


The administration sector has adopted AI and data annotation outsourcing through our expertise and capabilities.

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FinTech & FinServ

The FinServ & FinTech industry adopts intelligent data labeling & AI annotation services for superior performance.

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Data/Information Services

TransForm has in-depth experience of providing data annotation solutions to the information services sector.

eCommerce & Retail

The eCommerce industry uses data annotation services to automate and simplify tedious operations.


We assist the healthcare industry organize their records and patient care with outsourced data annotation.

What is Included in Data Annotation Outsourcing?

Image Annotation Outsourcing

We provide you with accurate image annotation services; where our experts process images and make them understandable for humans. This ensures an optimal machine learning experience for your end users.

Text Annotation Services

TransForm Solutions performs AI-enabled text processing, translations and classification through detailed tagging, sentiment analysis and extractions. Our text annotation services for AI provide one-of-a-kind comprehensiveness.

Speech Recognition

Voice recognition services by TransForm Solutions bring with them skillful speech to text translations; thus interpreting and extracting information into documents, further integrating them with devices when required.

Video Annotation Outsourcing

Our professionals provide video annotation solutions, helping with their data labeling by converting them into separate frames and characterizing information. This includes training your virtual assistants for accurate interpretation.

Use Cases

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Coordinating with 5,000 local restaurants to Deliver Food on Time for Australia and New Zealand’s #1 online and mobile takeaway ordering service

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Brand Image Monitoring for America’s largest Visual Content Platform

Managing Back Office operations for the UK’s leading budget hotel aggregator

Order & Invoice Processing For a leading Badges and Lanyards manufacturer

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US home furnishing company boosts revenue with eCommerce Support Services

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Label Product Images For E-Commerce Platforms

Some of Our Clients

How Does it Work?



We understand your requirements, current processes and the business purpose.


We brainstorm to formulate a neat plan of action that meets your requirements.


We coordinate with you and close on the concept and approach of the entire execution.


We begin the execution while keeping a close eye on its impact on the current operations.

Case Studies

TransForm Solutions handles mission-critical operations 24/7 for some of the fastest-growing companies around the globe:



The customer’s business is fueled by the growing demand for fast and effective communication tools..

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Real Estate

It is challenging for most real estate companies to focus on their whole portfolio....

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B2B Company

The company has a sales team of 20 people which included 10 members for sales activities...

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