Delivering fast, effective customer service to an increasingly sophisticated customer base.


Our client operates a premier online webstore that gives its customers an easy way to buy engaging Microsoft PowerPoint presentation templates. The store also serves as a vast repository of PowerPoint presentation templates, some of which are free, and others available for purchase. The templates can be easily searched, previewed, purchased and downloaded. Our client’s business is fueled by the growing demand for fast and effective communication tools and template-based presentation kits from business executives and organizations.


With the rising demand, our customer was having difficulties delivering fast, effective customer service to an increasingly sophisticated customer base. In addition, the growth meant adding skilled team members to help support the business – this scaling of manpower was also proving to be an issue for the company.


TransForm assigned a team to research the business presentation market, and compare our client's product to those of its competitors. TransForm also performed market surveys on end user sentiment towards our client’s product offerings. These analyses helped us identify several key issues which we addressed with the following solutions:

  • Trained our staff to deliver fast and effective service to our client’s customers
  • Created product support documentation to enable customers to easily customize presentation templates
  • Revamped the product portfolio and incorporated the latest software into designing templates
  • Advised our client to revise prices where appropriate

Our customer quickly saw the value of TransForm’s abilities and cost-effectiveness, and began to outsource to us its core activities: designing PowerPoint products and tailored presentations for its premier customers.


With TransForm’s help, our client:

  • Improved the customer experience and expanded into new markets, including the US
  • Achieved a 5X expansion in product line (e.g., 300 designs added per month) while keeping costs low
  • Expanded customer support services across all channels – email, chat and phone – enabling management of up to 250 transactions per day

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