Testimonial by Rob Nathan, Founder & CEO of Australian Tenders

"We’ve used TransForm for many years now for data analysis and processing jobs. The team has always been very professional and responsive and the speed, quality, rapid scalability and cost-effectiveness has been absolutely exceptional. Thank you guys!"

Alex Protogerellis
Chief Technology Officer, Covve

"Tarifica has been a Transform Solution client for many years. The Transform team is responsive, capable and always eager to help. We consider them a valued partner. No matter what the project, we can count on Transform Solution to deliver quality research in a timely fashion at a fair price."

Richard Dorfman
Chief Executive Officer, Tarifica

"A partner since our startup days, TransForm has proven that they are able to scale efficiently and continuously provide valuable customer support for our growing business."

Matthew Dyer
Founder, EatNow

"We have worked with TransForm on various projects over the years. They've got a great team of people who are very responsive and very diligent."

Kurt Steiner
Vice President of Sales, FirstGiving

"The TransForm frontline team worked diligently, helping us improve some of our customer-facing processes."

Robert Finch
Partner Operations Manager, EatNow and Menulog

"They have provided us with fast and highly scalable data entry services that consistently met, and even exceeded, our requirements.

Aaron Ross
QED Tactics

"Our business relationship with TransForm goes back to 2007 and we continue to engage them for operations and support services. We have recommended them highly and will continue to do so."

Michael Shupp
President, Michael Shupp & Associates

"We have engaged TransForm for multiple projects over the years and continue to use their services. TransForm has become our go-to vendor for back office projects."

Sean Johnson
Founder, English-by-story

"Their speedy delivery coupled with attention to detail provided us with just what we needed at the right time. We have enjoyed great relations with the team over the years and they continue to be on top of our list for outsourcing needs."

Simon Arton
Marketing & Investor Relations, Genesta Property Nordic

"TransForm has performed consistently well even when dealing with difficult projects. I definitely recommend them."

Alison Pallister
Director, Amazing Labs

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