Understanding BPO & TransForm Solutions

What is BPO?

BPO, also known as Business Process Outsourcing is the approach to contracting a third-party organization in order to streamline and execute non-core operations with an aim to focus on business growth and development. 

Does outsourcing processes reduce costs?

Yes, outsourcing business processes reduces costs owing to minimal to no infrastructure expenses or time spent in tedious and repeated tasks. This enables your team members to increase their efficiency and invest efforts in performing significant actions.

Why trust TransForm Solutions for my process management?

TransForm Solutions has an experience of 19 years in the process management industry. Having worked with 690+ varied businesses like yours, our team has a track record of expertise, delivering what is promised and going beyond to ensure your growth. You can find more on Why TransForm here.

Which industries does TransForm Solutions cater to?

Which series does TransForm Solution offer under business process management? 

How many team members does TransForm Solutions have?

Currently, we house 240+ professional and experienced team members to enable your operational transformation. 

How do I know which services to outsource to TransForm Solutions?

Once you make a request for a consultation, we will have a detailed conversation with you to understand your business, your requirements, current pain points and suggest the best way forward which aligns with your business goals. 

My business is quite small. Will your services help me too?

Yes, of course. Over the last 19 years in the industry, we have not only helped Fortune 500 or enterprise organizations, but also small and independent companies with non-core operations management. 

Can you give some information on engagement models? How many ways do you deliver services?

There are three engagement models we have deployed at TransForm Solutions. They are:

1. Fixed-price Model: Under this model, the scope is well-defined beforehand with a fixed budget. Payment is to be made on milestones achieved overtime. This model works best for small or medium-sized businesses who have a limited budget and scope of optimization.

2. Time-based Model: This model is useful if you want a dedicated resource for a particular timeframe or project, where the scope and requirements are not clearly defined and may change with each progress. Your dynamic projects are best suited for this model, where you have the option to employ our services for fixed hours or days based on requirements.

Getting Started

How can I get started with outsourcing services from TransForm Solutions?

All you need to do is book a free consultation with us. We will understand your requirements and share the further plan of action.

Do you offer a free trial of your services?

No, because executing these services require a lot of time and effort from our end. However, if you are not satisfied with our services, you can always raise your concerns. We will be happy to address all of them.

How much time does it take to deliver complete services?

It purely depends on the service you enroll for. You will get a better clarity in the plan of action we share.

Pricing & Billing

How much do your services cost?

The pricing of the services depends on the type of service you opt for. We take  a customized approach for each customer, so the charges are also different for each customer.

What is your billing cycle?

The billing cycle is based on the type of subscription you choose - monthly, quarterly, , one-time project-wise or yearly.

What are the payment modes you accept?

Payment modes like wire transfer, Paypal and NEFT are used at our organization.

Is there a refund policy?

No, there is no refund policy.


Can I enroll for one or more services simultaneously?

Yes, of course. Our team is experienced and has a versatile domain expertise.

Will my operational and business data remain secure with TransForm?

Yes, it absolutely will. We have implemented strict data security protocols to ensure that your information remains secure with us.

Which communication channel do you use?

We use a channel convenient for you. Rest assured, you will not face any language or communication barriers with us.

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