The opportunity was big and so was the challenge to deliver a seamless hotel booking experience!


Finding the right hotel accommodation in terms of affordability and quality is a requirement for every traveler. Since price is a big factor travelers consider, for online hotel stay booking businesses, it becomes a challenge to pin the right rate for not one but every online hotel deal listed on the site. This was exactly what our customer, an online provider of inexpensive accommodation for UK travelers, was facing in 2007. The opportunity was big and so was the challenge to deliver a seamless hotel booking experience; and the prize: a big foothold in the industry which was poised for exponential growth.


Hotel booking at the click of a button has become the norm for travelers. In line with the growing demand, our customer’s database of hotels was also expanding and creating newer challenges every day including: Back-end changes to hotel information, including pricing and inventory, had to be synchronized with the front-end display of rates and availability


TransForm set out to find ways to help streamline hotel inventory management and ensure sustainable, long-term value creation. The TransForm team analyzed the entire business process and charted out various possibilities for bringing in more efficiencies including:

  • Handling the inventory management process so our customer could focus on its core competencies
  • Offering remote support with one dedicated member assessing the scale and pace of our customer’s expansion
  • Expanding the team within a few months to 6 members handling the entire back office process
  • Implementing a selection procedure for adding new properties which ensured the addition of quality inventory and rejection of sub-par properties at the initial stage
  • Designing a quality check system for existing properties, that from time to time performs a check run, grades properties on a predetermined scale and updates the grades on the website


TransForm’s support began to translate into visible and sustained benefits for our customer as follows:

  • 50% decrease in operational costs by avoiding setup costs related to backend work
  • Increased customer acquisition due to
  • Seamless backend operations managed by the TransForm team
  • Improved front-end experience as the customer’s resources were now available to better manage the front-end
  • Enhanced market credibility by consistently offering the most accurate hotel information and lowest rates on the website
  • Established 24/7 service creating better operational business continuity
  • Ability to quickly ramp up to handle seasonal volumes with some seasons requiring increased support by up to 70%

TransForm’s continued support ensures that this UK-based player continues to strengthen its market position against other industry participants. Today, it has emerged as the world’s biggest source of inexpensive accommodation for UK travelers and has been featured in “Money Savings Expert” and a Channel 5 feature, “It Pays to Save”.

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