Customer: A leading marketing and consulting agency that has been in business for over 15 years in the $92 billion furniture industry, servicing home furnishings manufacturers, importers, and retailers to increase distribution and sales.


Our customer was growing fast, adding more clients from frequent visits to trade shows and conferences. The core team at this agency was involved in strategic initiatives to build supplier contracts, identify potential vendors, implement marketing plans and generate sales for its clients.


Our customer also maintained the ecommerce stores of its clients, a time- and energy-draining endeavor performed at the expense of key activities such as marketing. Updating inventory and prices across multiple sales channels became unmanageable for our customer, who wanted to address the root causes of failing store functions, poor stock control and inefficient stock purchasing.


TransForm provided ecommerce services that covered the entire store management spectrum. TransForm set up simple and scalable processes to interact and exchange dynamic data with vendors and partners. We implemented bulk inventory management tools that ensured inventory offered to the public across multiple touchpoints accurately reflects what is in stock.

TransForm is able to offer near real-time syncing of data between data sources and channels like Amazon, eBay, Houzz, NewEgg, Overstock, Sears, Wayfair, Brookstone, and more.

TransForm also supports the customer with services like:

  • Listing of products whenever a new product line is launched
  • Creating product listing files for all sales channels
  • Creating product variants and product sets
  • Categorization of products optimized with relevant keywords and search terms
  • Image processing (background removal, sizing, cropping)

The TransForm team tracks analytics daily and generates reports to present:

  • What products are selling best
  • What products are not performing
  • What products are being returned / re-ordered
  • What products are getting negative reviews and why
  • Financial stock visibility


With TransForm’s support, our customer has been able to:

  • Improve customer service level with the number of cancelled orders reduced by 95%
  • Free up time for their core team to focus on key areas such as marketing and customer service
  • Expand to new sales channels since the inventory management process now allows a more efficient way of keeping track of multiple sales channels
  • Decrease average time-to-market for new product lines by 25% so their home furnishing clients could monetize these products faster

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