A US based online automotive store decreased its cart abandonment rate, with proper conversion optimization.


The company began operating in 1997 as a small service shop in Arkansas, US. In 2010, it began operating online. It currently serves over 2,000 dealers and also has a large retail customer base.


In 2015, the company revamped its online store. After a few months, the marketing team realised that cart abandonment rate was 20% higher than normal. Initially they hypothesized that this was due to the changes made in the online store. They assumed that in a few months, the problem would resolve on its own as the customers get used to the new online store. But the cart abandonment rate remained high even after waiting for 6-8 months and making some minor changes to the user interface.


After initial analysis, our ecommerce experts suggested opting for a CRO tool, to analyze user behaviour and identify the reasons for the high dropout rate. We also got involved with basic store management activity.

After analysing over 100 recordings, checkout page heat maps and interviewing some 30 customers, our team concluded that there were two basic issues:

  • Existing Customers – As the company moved to the new platform, all pre-existing accounts were dismissed and all customers had to begin anew. Though the customers were informed about this beforehand, many existing customers continued to use the previous user ids and passwords. After multiple failed login attempts, they gave up and dropped out. With proper messaging, pop ups and personalised calls, the issue was addressed and resolved.
  • Browser Issue – Some customers were facing the issue of cart emptying upon entering the checkout page. After detailed analysis, it was found that the issue was persistent only in the Mozilla browser. The problem was fixed easily by using a patch from the Shopping cart.


The reasons for high drop out and cart abandonment rates were determined, which led to the decline of 30% in those figures by using the fixing patch for the shopping cart.

The quarterly sales from the online store increased by 9%

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