What an Offshore Social Media Team Can Do for Small Businesses

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Time is a major constraint for a small business owner to dabble in social media. Lack of experience and knowledge about social management tools make it even more challenging to use it successfully.

Hiring social media managers and setting up social media team onshore can be expensive for a small business. Moreover, changing customer tastes and social media algorithms demand a proactive social media strategy.

Outsourcing social media marketing to an offshore social media team that understands how to use social media for small business is the best way to go forward. A professional social media team has adequate knowledge and experience to manage various social media platforms.

They understand your industry and work with you to grow your business through social media. The following article focuses on the benefits of outsourcing social media management and what an offshore social media team can help you achieve.

1. Build social media strategy

A pro social media team can develop actionable strategy to optimize social media campaign.

They can manage social media marketing and posts on multiple platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Every social media platform requires a unique approach to maximize success.

Offshore social networking enables you to generate leads and create a right marketing mix of sales-related content as well as educative content to push content marketing.

If your target audience is aged between 18 and 34, you better get on social media soon as 95% of this group is on some social network.

2. Implement social management techniques

When you outsource social media, you get the ability to track data such as complaints and customer queries.

Your offshore team follows social media marketing trends, implements tested strategies and social media techniques suitable for your business. Offshore social media team also maintains blogs and other website content if you want them to.

Targeting influencers for content and endorsement is an active social management technique. Above all, they follow ethical practices, and are accountable and honest for what they post.

More than 70% of customers who have had a good experience with a business will come back for more, or recommend that business to others.

3. Automate social media

SMB social media teams use marketing automation tools to automate social media posts. They build a detailed posting plan. They decide post frequency and content of the post. They use various tools to collect and store data that can be used for posting in future.

Tools like HootSuite and Buffer are used to schedule posts and manage all your social media accounts to enhance social media success.

This HubSpot article teaches you when to post that Facebook post or tweet, so that you communicate with your audience more efficiently.

4. Track competitors

Tracking what your competitors are up to is part of social media outsourcing for small business.

Social media team carries out competitor analysis for different platforms to understand who your competitors are. It is essential to analyze what strategies worked for your competitors.

What you can learn from their mistakes is equally important to gain an edge over them. It gives you a better understanding of your USPs in contrast to your competitors so that you can maximize social media engagement.

5. Social media advertising

Social media advertising has become a big thing among small businesses to expand sales and followings. Social media ads give you an opportunity to cut through the noise and target new as well as existing customers.

Offshore social media team has adequate social advertising experience. They plan ad spend and decide what social media platforms are right to advertise to generate higher ROI.

They also implement A/B testing to find out what ads work for your business and strike a chord with your target audience.It is estimated that social media spending in the US alone is expected to increase to $17.34 billion in 2019.

6. Research and content development

Research and content development is one of the primary reasons to outsource social media. Social media for business necessitates research on your industry and devise a suitable social media plan.

Social media team has an aptitude for writing for your target audience. They create well-researched and relevant content for platforms used by your target audience.

They make sure that brand messaging is consistent across all platforms. Visual content is shared 40 times more than other kinds of social media content. Surely, you do not have time to create infographics, Instagram posts, etc, all of which an offshore social media company can do for you.

7. Bring in specialized skills

When you outsource social media marketing, you get access to specialized skill sets available offshore.

Besides content development, social media team is adept at content curation, audience development, SEO optimization, and using Google AdWords. They understand visual appeal of content and use creative design skills to design infographics, explainer videos, and other graphic content.

Posts are based on what action you want your customers to take. Accordingly, call to action button and links to other social media handles are embedded in the post to enhance social media success.

8. Social media analytics

Social media analytics is necessary to improve social media presence for business. Your offshore social media team studies various metrics like top posts, time of engagement, keywords, type of post, post length etc.

It uses KPIs to measure success and ensure that your social media campaign is aligned to your digital marketing strategy. Analyzing strength and weakness of your social media pages, assessment of Facebook page performance and Twitter activity enables you to optimize social media strategy.

9. Social customer service

With customers turning to social media to look for real-time help, make complaints, and ask questions, social media is now seen as a cost-effective customer service platform and forms part of multichannel support.

Social media allows businesses to listen to what customers have to say and assess level of customer satisfaction. It is estimated that 67% customers use social media networks like Twitter and Facebook to seek resolution for issues.

10. Ensure appropriateness of communication

Social media team keeps track of customer interactions and frequently solicits customer feedback to improve customer service.

Depending on customer queries, they use appropriate links to direct them to your e-store, website, blog or a different social media post. Moreover, they can determine when to use other channels like live chat, email, phone support to resolve customer query.

Around 50 million SMBs now use Facebook Pages to connect with their customers.

Outsource social media for business growth

Always remember that it is easy to get excited and think that you will do it all alone. However, social media gets mundane and even stressful for a small business owner who has many other things to do.

Outsourcing social media to offshore agencies is not only a wise decision but also essential for your survival. Offshore social media teams understand your marketing and organizational goals, and work with you to enhance social media success.

They automate social media, build social media strategy, apply social media techniques, track your competitors, research and develop content. Moreover, their customer-oriented approach helps you service your customers in a cost-effective manner on social media.

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