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In 1987, American Airlines was able to save $70,000 by simply eliminating one olive from each salad that was served in first class.The above example is also applicable to eCommerce marketing; a lot can be done to improve organic searches which are mostly overlooked by eCommerce stores.When we think about eCommerce marketing, the first thing that comes to our mind is only paid channels such as Facebook marketing, Instagram marketing, Influencer marketing (it���s hot in the market), Affiliate marketing etc. These channels are undoubtedly very appealing and instantly give the result if it is done properly. But, would these channels give sustainable results? What will happen if you stop the paid campaign?According to smart insight in 2015 and 2016, organic has maximum contribution in retail sales.[capti"attachment_5026" align="alignnone" width="700"]


Figure : Traffic Sources from some of the top US retail sites which drove sales in 2015-16[/caption]Source: the above data shows that organic plays a vital role in e-commerce.Well, from the last few months we have been working on Shopify stores, we're amazed to see how most of the stores are neglecting the basics of SEO.Shopify has made the on-page optimization quite easy and seamless.Let���s look at few aspects ���"1">

  1. Keyword Research ��� Do a detailed keyword research for all the products, make different permutations and combinations of keywords and long tails keywords. For example if you are planning to open an online ���shoe store���, find all the keywords related to ���shoe���, use all the conventional and non-conventional techniques to find relevant keywords. Conventio"" target="_blank">Google keyword planner, competitor research tools and the non-conventional techniques include Google auto complete and brainstorming. Non-conventional techniques will help you find long tail keywords like ���Brown formal Bostonian shoe��� can be a keyword.


  1. Find the search volume for all keywords, target the high-volume keywords like in case of shoe store ���men���s casual��� and ���cheap shoe��� are main keyword groups, you can change ���cheap shoes��� to ���economical shoes���
  2. Collections page ��� One of the Collection page can be ���men���s casual shoes���.
  3. Product page ��� Use long tail keyword in the product pages, these keywords have low search volume, but the conversion rate is high compared to generic keywords like ���shoe��� or ���casual shoe���. In the above case, product page can be ���Brown formal Bostonian shoe���.

There is no steadfast rule to choose a keyword, you can take the decision based on your "attachment_5027" align="alignnone" width="1024"]


eCommerce-keyWord Research-TransFormSolution[/caption]

  1. Write appealing and proper URL, title and meta description ��� Look at the below example, few top retailers are not even present on the first page. Make sure that you have an appealing and unique meta description with few keywords.
  1. All the product pages should be unique pages ��� All the pages should have a unique and proper URL, title and description tag. Use long tail keywords like ���Brown Bostonian formal shoe���, ���Black waterproof Bostonian formal shoe��� etc.
  2. keyword analysis, you will get keywords for all your pages.
    Every second
    Google processes
    40k search queries, it���s not possible that you cannot get keywords or few thousand products.
    How to implement the techniques in Shopify store
    Shopify provides easy to use SEO feature if you are doing bulk upload you just have to properly update the product.csv file.
  • Handle ��� It���s the first column of the .csv file and your product page URL. As per your targeted keyword give a proper name to the product page. For example, if the targeted keyword is ���Brown Bostonian formal shoe���, in that case handle should be ���Brown Bostonian-formal-shoe���"" target="_blank">SEO Title ��� It is the most ���critical component"" target="_blank">SEO on-page optimization, you should have a proper title element, in the above case title could be ���Brown Bostonian formal shoe - Brand name���
  • "" target="_blank">SEO Meta description ��� Like Title it is also a critical element, in the above case meta description can be ���Men's Bostonian shoes are expertly crafted for timeless style and lasting durability to create a comfortable dress shoe for any occasion���.
    As the number of products are too l"" target="_blank">SEO executive could write the tag for few products in each collection and the data entry person can intelligently duplicate that for all other products by changing the colour or any other variant, like Title 1 - ���Brown Bostonian formal shoe - Brand name���, Title 2 ��� ���Black Bostonian formal shoe - Brand name���In Shopify product sheet, many elements are kept unique like SKU, UPC make the Title and meta tags also as a unique element.Finally,
    in 2014 American Airlines swapped flight attendants��� paper manuals with lighter Samsung tablets to reduce the weight. Again a small step, it helped them to save nearly $1 million a year
    .The same case applies to a"" target="_blank">eCommerce industry.�� If you want to invest there are numerous ways but there is a lot of scope in organic improvement. Try to do small changes, track the traffic for 2-3 months and do comment if you get better result. Our next blog will be about learning some more vital
    tips and tricks!If you need immediate help this holiday season, contact us and we���ll get you on your way.
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