IRCE16 was a hit!

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A team of TransForm executives attended the 2016 Internet Retailer Conference & Exhibition in Chicago, the biggest ecommerce conference in the world, from June 7-9.The event was host to approximately 10,000 attendees who were there to meet over 500 exhibitors: from manufacturers to retailers, and from small businesses offering e-retail services to ecommerce giants. Our goal was to increase awareness of TransForm's ecommerce services and expertise among industry professionals, as well as to take part in various presentations and workshops on the latest ecommerce technologies, processes and best practices.The TransForm team was able to connect with representatives from various companies in attendance and establish partnership discussions with dozens of organizations.With so much to be taken from the attendees and speakers at the world's largest ecommerce event, we have marked a date in our diary for IRCE 2017!

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