How to Ensure Your Brand's Voice Is Reflected in Your Social Ac

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August 10, 2018
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Every brand has a unique identity that resonates with the aspirations and personalities of their target consumers. With social media playing a central role in communicating and engaging with users, it is very important to ensure that your social accounts reflect the voice of your brand.Whether your brand has a formal or an informal image, or it appeals to a rural or urban audience, you will need to ensure that all your social posts reflect your brand's voice. It is also equally important to develop this voice as you post more frequently.

Thankfully, along with the creativity of social media managers, technology to plays an important role in helping you develop your brand's voice on social accounts. In addition, expert social media professionals can help you at every step to make sure your brand's voice is reflected appropriately.In this article, let us take a look at how you can ensure that your brand's voice is reflected across your social accounts, so that all your posts resonate w aspirations.

1. Define your brand's purpose and values

Most brands often ignore the purpose of their existence, and what they mean to their customers or users. Finding the purpose of your brand, and defining your brand's inherent values are crucial to a successful social strategy. Begin with identifying what makes your brand special, and how it is perceived by customers to be different and valuable in comparison to other similar brands.

Use these core values and brand purpose to connect with your audience. Speak to an agency that helps you with developing a social media marketing strategy aligned with your core purpose and values.HBR reported that 64% of consumers form trusting relationships with brands that reflect their values. It is important to create trusting relationships on social media for long-term brand success.

2. Align your social strategy with your values

Social media strategy needs to be carefully developed and implemented, and should revolve around your brand's values and purpose. As discussed previously, take time to understand what makes your brand tick, and why customers form trusting relationships with your brand. Use these factors to reinforce trust via your social posts. If your brand connects with an audience that believes in diversity, supporting diversity initiatives on social may help you to connect with your target audience better.For example, a majority of consumers believe company executives should take a stand on social issues. Understand what social issues make your audience tick, and support those issues on social media to help your brand stand out.

However, you might have to get external help to conduct social media audit and assess where you stand currently, and fix older social posts before implementing a new social media marketing strategy.


3. Find the right tone

Once you understand what makes your audience tick, create content that reflects the appropriate values. For this, you will have to find the right tone. Is your brand trying to portray an authoritative image or a friendly demeanor? Is it trying to appear stylish and timeless or very corporate and business-like? These are the kind of questions you need to ask yourself before you find the right tone for your social media posts. Once you find the right tone, make sure that all your posts reflect this mood.

Mood marketing is growing very quickly, according to this post. In addition, you can start right away with mood marketing if you invest in emotion detection technology. Engage in competitive analysis to find out what your competitors are doing to connect with their audience, and implement your tone in a much better manner.

4. Project your brand's personality onto your language

Language usage has a subliminal effect on the reader, and thus, should be used very carefully. Make sure that you use linguistic tools to identify the right words before writing content or automating social posts. Usage of right words can help reflect your brand's voice better. Train your content writers to use thesaurus and help them to use demographic and psychographic data to create content that matches your audience's beliefs and values. Of course, your brand's value and voice should reflect its target audience's values as well.

Both community building strategy development and social profile creation are services which will provide you with opportunities to use language the right way to make your brand withstand formality, dialect, tone, speech patterns, and rhythm before creating social posts. This post helps you understand the importance of the language of a brand.

5. Use data and automation to engage

To adequately ensure that your brand's voice is reflected across social media, you need to ensure that you post at the right time and to the right audience. Marketing automation tools help you to understand your audience better, and decide when posts should be scheduled or how you can communicate with them better. Umpteen number of marketing automation and data analytics tools are available today to help you build your brand's voice better.

Social media management is best done with the help of an agency that adequately uses marketing automation with its own professional expertise and judgment.With social data, you will be able to analyze your audience, identify trends, enhance your brand, and track your brand's reputation.

Here are four ways you can turn your social data into consumer insights.

Social posts are crucial in sustaining your brand's voice

Social media posts can make or break a brand's success, and a brand's ability to communicate its voice to its audience largely depends on how language is used and how you put various factors such as demographic data, values and aspirations of your target audience, and your own marketing goals into perspective.Finding your brand's voice and ensuring that it is reflected across social channels may seem difficult in the beginning.

However, with the help of marketing automation tools and a little bit of external help, you can quickly set the tone for your social communication.

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