Boost Your Profit Margins with Dedicated Remote Teams

Published on:
July 22, 2022
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Remote teams was a term one could have found only in the dictionary before the pandemic. It was hard for the organizations to interpret and curate such a setting within their infrastructure for everyday operations.

However, things changed as the pandemic ceased almost everything around the world. It was the time that virtual teams came into the picture and got the ball rolling again in the market.

Initially, it came as the only solution to keep up the operations in the ongoing vulnerable situations. But, it didn’t take a long time for the world to notice what all one could gain from it.

How did organisations benefit from virtual teams?

Hiring of remote teams opens doors to the pool of unlimited talent around the world. It is a leaner and cost effective concept of working that has proved its worth in the present competitive marketplace.

A report by NorthOne states that 58.6% of US organizations offer remote work options.

Even though this concept is still a novelty for many organisations, it won’t take long for them to realise what all they are missing out on. Here’s what organizations with dedicated remote teams are leveraging from this concept. Take a look.

1. Save money and resources

When an organisation hires a remote team at their place, they are able to hire highly skilled professionals at a lower cost as compared to their native place's professionals. It usually occurs due to the difference in the value of the currencies in each country.

This allows organizations to employ top-notch experts with all the desired skills for their work. The candidates, in return, enjoy a handsome salary and the perks of working at a great organization. It comes as the competitive advantage of hiring virtual teams.

With employees working remotely, you can also save a big chunk of your bank balance on office space, office supplies, furniture, utilities and other related expenses.

2. Hire any talent remotely 

It is one of the myths related to the concept of remote working that only customer service representatives can work remotely. However, this is not true.

You can hire and work with professionals like social media managers, writers, personal assistants, graphic designers, developers, marketing analysts, IT managers, financial managers, and many more in a remote setting.

3. Efficient hiring

When an organisation hires for a vacant position, they have to follow the time consuming process of communication. However, with remote dedicated hiring, you can let your partners with whom you are hiring this team take care of it for you.

4. The Biggest of all - Improve your profit margins

As you save a lot on the other factors with your team members working remotely, your profit bandwidth increases already.

As you don’t provide any technology to your employees working remotely, you get access to it while you hire them to work for you. It means that just by hiring a remote employee, you can get your hands on the complete technology package in a budget-friendly way.

Additionally, you can plan for your future expansion to increase profit margins with a great combination of experts in all domains and emerging technologies under your roof.

Apart from the ways discussed above, there are several ways in which a virtual team can multiply your profits. Let’s talk about them in detail.

How offshore teams boost your profit margin?

1. Expand your team at little investments

You may already have professionals of certain domain expertise at your place. However, if you wish to expand your team, dedicated remote teams will be the best-fit option for your organization. 

Let’s understand it with an example. If you employ a professional in a non-remote position, you will have to invest extra in the infrastructure (desk, chairs, computers, etc) required for their work. 

When hiring a remote worker, you don’t have to think about the whole list that includes more office space, hardware requirements, and likewise. 

This way, you can strategize your business plan with the best in field experts and without having to think about where you will accommodate the new employees.

2. Hire where you save

The cost of virtual teams depends on the geographical locations in which they are located. Hence, when you plan to hire more remote workers, do your research and hire experts from locations that aid you in cost savings. It will help you hire the best in class professionals from all over the world without having to give a thought to the budget factor.

According to a Gartner Inc.'s CFO survey, a massive 74% of companies are planning to shift to a remote setting permanently because of low operating costs and an increase in business profits.

3. Leverage costly technology 

Many times, organizations drop the idea of expanding in a certain domain because of the expensive technologies involved in it. Although, if you hire offshore teams, this issue is not part of the big picture. 

Your team members are likely to have all the required tools and technology for the profile they wish to work on. It gives you access to the leading experts in the field in a budget friendly way and helps you accomplish your profitable goals in the long run.

Find the best talent for your virtual hiring team 

If you are an organization that is looking to hire virtual teams, we would recommend that you target India as your hiring destination. 

India is one of the biggest countries that is abode to diverse talent in every industry. Post-pandemic, candidates are inclined more towards working virtually, which could be better justified with the great resignation observed this year.

So, why hustle at any other place when you can choose the top one percent from the pool of the best talent around the world? India is here for your rescue.

Are you working with a virtual team? If not, hire today.

If you are an organization that is still not leveraging the exceptional benefits of working with virtual teams, it’s time to hire them to take your company to the next level.

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