7 Ways Product Information Research Can Help you fix E-commerce Woes

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Most e-commerce websites usually work under the impression of having adequate information for every product listed on their online stores. The more third-party products a website sells, the more this assumption turns out to be wrong.

Most online stores list product information incorrectly, and at other times, information tends to be inadequate or misleading. Product descriptions need to be written after thorough research about said products, and they should be updated regularly.

Letting outdated or incorrect information fester on product pages leads to reduced credibility, and lower sales.

People prefer to purchase products on a website that correctly describes and lists information related to the product. Product information search is a specialized service that helps e-commerce businesses to dig more information about products listed on their websites, so that accurate information can be added or updated.

In this article, let us take a look at how product information research can help you fix your e-commerce troubles.

1. Provide accurate information

Product pages often do not have accurate information that a customer is actively looking for. They may be looking for the date of manufacture, the weight of the product, or even for better quality images.

When customers do not find accurate information, they tend to lose interest in the product they are about to buy. Product information research is a great way to provide accurate information to the customer.

Information is usually picked up from manufacturer's catalog or website, product review websites, and sometimes seven from competitor websites.

2. Enhance credibility of your store

If the information is not accurately described or presented, people often question the credibility of that website.

This can hurt not only sales, but also your brand's reputation as a credible online store. To help build credibility, it is important to update all the information accurately, and ensure that every little detail is cross-verified on a number of sources.

It is a well-known fact that people leave behind negative reviews if they are not satisfied with a website or the information it provides. Research shows that negative reviews and articles can increase the potential of losing customers to the tune of 70%.

3. Improve your SEO score

Nothing screams "success" more than appearing in the top few search results. The only way you can organically appear at the top of search results is by making sure that your content is updated, accurate, and credible.

Google's algorithms are setup in such a way that bots regularly crawl your website looking for updated and accurate information. If the content is accurate and updated, your SEO score increases dramatically. Product information research helps you write better product descriptions and thus fare better at SEO.

91% of adults use search engines to look for information, and if your product description is not updated accurately, you probably don't figure in search results anyway.

4. Write better content

When you have a lot of data and information, you can write better and more meaningful content. Customers can easily recognize fluff, and fluff can dramatically bring down sales success.

Product information research gives you the data you need to write better content that is credible and informative. Great content is crucial in helping customers make product decisions. 78% of customers prefer businesses that offer custom content.

This means, you should write original product descriptions with supporting information alongside.

5. Avoid cart abandonment

Most people refrain from making that ultimate jump to checking out in the end because, something stopped them from doing so.

This is usually psychological, and is related to having doubts about the product at the last moment. It is possible to create doubts in people's minds if there isn't enough information or accurate data.

Product information research makes sure that unnecessary cart abandonment can be avoided by providing as much relevant information about each product as is humanly possible.

58.6% of American shoppers abandoned carts because "they were just browsing". This is code for not being able to trust a website.

6. Increase sales

Nothing increases sales more than trust and confidence that a customer places in your brand.

You can increase a customers' perception of your credibility by providing accurate information about each product you sell. This directly contributes to increased sales and will help you to improve your bottom-line.

Even little things like manufacturing data, estimated delivery time, etc. go a long way in ensuring sales success.

56% decided to do business with a company because of something they read about the company online.

7. Gain a competitive edge

What product information research really excels at is in its ability to scrutinize what your competitors are up to. Whether they have a disadvantage or advantage over you, you can do much better than them when you observe them closely.

Product information research makes sure that you have the best information and most relevant content under each product, so that your competitors pale in comparison.

Competitive edge is very important to have in a cut-throat market like today's.

Outsource product information research to focus on core business activities

Certainly, one of the biggest problems that e-commerce websites have today is the fact that there isn't enough information about products on their websites. This mostly boils down to lack of information, which reduces the quality (and quantity) of product-related content.

By engage product information research, e-commerce websites can easily update information, write better product descriptions, and enhance credibility among customers.

Most importantly, better content leads to better SEO metrics. In addition, when there is enough information available about a product, people tend to checkout successfully and you will witness lower rates of cart abandonment. All this helps you to gain a competitive edge over similar e-commerce stores.

As product information research involves a lot of time-consuming online and offline research, it makes sense to partner with an external vendor. We would be glad to help you focus on your core business activities, while we update and edit information about products listed on your website.

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