7 Secrets that Rev Up Project Management for Marketing Agencies

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April 25, 2018
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Marketing agencies across the world have a hard time trying to manage the projects. The competition is stifling for most agencies out there, and managing adequate cash flow is a bigger issue for most companies. There is always an agency which threatens to outpace and out-price you, and competition churn can cause a lot of organizational stress.To help you put your systems and processes in place, we have compiled 7 secrets to boost your project management pace.

Not only will you be able to reduce the number of processes and manage your cash flow better, you will also be able to handle customer and competition churn better. Using these changes can streamline various activities, improve productivity and help you to scale your business quickly and avoid problems that other marketing agencies face.

1. Make sure your tool is flexible and scalable

Project management tool is critical for the success of any agency, with so many tools available you have to ensure that what all features required for your agency is present.

Few essential features, which can help you manage the projects effectively are:

  • Flexible For agile project management, it is essential that project management system be flexible, you can easily adjust new schedule, add new items and the system automatically adjust timelines.
  • Collaboration Many project team member work from remote location, collaboration is very critical for the success of a project. Project management tool should allow all stakeholders to collaborate effectively and tie to the project together. Tools like Skype, email, etc. have no synchronization with project management tool and collaboration is neglected. Keeping communications within PM tool ensures, keep all project team informed and improve the productivity.
  • Project team time tracking  With so many tasks assigned by the customer it is important to track the time spend by team member on various activities, it can help you do the costing, justify the cost and find the area of improvement.
  • Budgeting For better management of cash flow, its essential to track and monitor cost at project level, an inbuilt budgeting tools which can compare the projected project at each with the actual cost could be very handy.

2. Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation can be very handy in improving the productivity, find all the repetitive task which can be automated and giveRoI. HubSpot and Marketo are both used by companies of all sizes to manage their projects better.Take a look at this article that describes how business process automation may not be all that helpful.

3. Implement agile marketing

McKinsey recently wrote about how agile marketing can help agencies complete their projects quickly. For this to happen, put an agile marketing team in place, and make sure every project is handled in an agile manner. Train your employees in Scrum and make it a point to engage with external teams that follow an agile philosophy too.

Expert tip: Run tests regularly and follow agile methodology for all your digital and SEO projects.

Agile Marketing

4. Get an agile partner

Digital Marketing when started was just about tagging for SEO, Adwords and Facebook but now extends to many activities and which are often overlooked tasks like Keyword search, On page optimization, Industry listing, Backlink, Social bookmarking, Content planning creation distribution, Online reputation management especially on Social Media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat etc and many more.

There are many non-strategic tasks, which you cannot do at the competitive cost and can impact the cash flow. On-boarding a partner who can deliver quality work at cost-effective, could be better than doing all the activities in-house.The project management tool with features collaboration, time management and costing be very handy in managing the partner.

A professional partner that follows agile philosophy can bring life to project management and much required financial control. Your partner should able to curate marketing activities and ensure that your clients and customers do not feel aliepert tip: Email list building, SEO service, handling Google AdWords projects, and social media management are all activities that cannot be automated. Give a humane plus agile touch to your project by hiring an extended team.Learn about various project management roles in this useful article.

There are many boutique agencies, which are 100% remote agency - work from anywhere in the world, like

5. Seek support and training

It is not enough to hire a professional team to do your work. You will also need to train your staff to replicate what is being done by your extended team. Always ask your extended team if they can train your staff in handling marketing projects. Seek support whenever you need so that you learn the finer aspects of project management.

Expert tip: Train every employee in project management, even if they probably will not directly manage marketing projects.

Take a look at this in-depth article about project managers.


6. Seek customization services

There are many services which you don't have the expertise, your agile partner may also be able to help you customize service. Speak to them and confirm if they are HubSpot certified. You should also confirm if they are Google Search, Google Shopping certified. A certification adds weigh to the partner credentials and will be able to assist you in specific digital marketing services.

Expert tip: Customize your project management tool based on your available manpower and skill set.

7. Combine automation with human intelligence

You should always remember that automating your marketing projects can only go a certain distance. The major portion of implementing marketing campaigns cannot be, and shouldn't be automated. While you can schedule emails and social posts, you still need human experience, tact, and intelligence to carry out a major portion of marketing campaigns. extended team will be able to help you with writing great content, understanding your client needs better, and ensuring that your projects are completed in time.

Expert tip: Do not devalue importance of human participation, though automation tools are available.

This academic article rightly shows that the answer to success is a combination of human intervention and automation. Rounding off Marketing agencies encounter a variety of challenging scenarios during the execution of digital marketing projects. Each project has its own set of complexity, the above practices would set the process help you plan, implement, control all activities in a structured way and remain competitive.

Finally, Project management is about continuous improvement, you must set goals, track all the activities, review current processes, updated it over

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