7 Reasons Why Marketing Agencies Should Use Data Analytics

Published on:
July 3, 2018
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Marketing agencies often shy away from numbers because they tend to think creatively. Creative people, as we all know, tend to be different from analytical people, and when an agency is filled with creative individuals, the importance of numbers and number crunching often gets lost.However, nobody needs number crunching, also known as, data analytics in fancy terms, more than marketing agencies do.

The sooner a marketing agency partners with a data analytics specialist, the better it is for them to grow and succeed in delivering campaign promises to their clients.In this article, let us take a look at 7 reasons why marketing agencies should use data analytics. It is no surprise that data analytics not only help deliver better campaigns to clients, but also enhance overall agency productivity, and coordinate with partners effectively.

1. Personalization of data

Marketing depends on the personalization of content, and most agencies work overdrive to personalize every campaign for the chosen demographic. Of course personalization depends on data insights. Without access to adequate and accurate data insights, a marketing agency will be launching campaigns pulled straight out of nowhere. For a campaign to be credibly personalized, data needs to be personalized, and this is only possible when data analytics are used to derive those insights.

2. Rise of Martech and ad tech

An entire industry has evolved around developing technology for making advertising and marketing more effective. Often labeled as martech and ad tech, these software services and solutions help marketing agencies to develop better campaigns, track metrics, and monitor them. However, without adequate data analytics and insight, even the most advanced martech or ad tech solution is not going to be of much use to an agency. It is important to use martech and ad tech in the context of data insights.

3. Better coordination with your agency partners

Marketing agencies invariably depend on external partners to do a lot of things that are outside their strategic tasks. In fact, it only makes sense to work with external agencies for all tasks except the strategic creative campaign development and launching. With this in mind, agencies should track and monitor the success of projects that have been assigned to external partners. While external partners may submit their own data insights to you, it is important for you to monitor their metrics and success figures independently. This helps you to coordinate with them better when there is something amiss.


Image Source: McKinsey&Company

4. Unbiased and accurate insight

A number of external partners often dish out pumped up figures and insights that make their efforts look better than it actually is. For this reason alone, you need to keep data analytics away from other tasks, and hire an external partner for monitoring data metrics alone. This will help you to gain access to unbiased insights regarding campaign success, project accomplishment, etc. Accurate insight also helps you to serve your clients better, and ensure that your creativity is tied around facts and figures.

5. Prove effectiveness of your campaigns to your clients

Nothing speaks louder than numbers, not even creativity. Even the most creative campaign will be viewed with suspicion unless it is backed up by numbers and supporting data, which proves that your campaign has been effective. Data analytics helps you to convince your clients that your campaign strategy has been successful, and that you are worth the salt. Use data insights to communicate to your clients how effective you are as a campaign strategist, and how your creativity is backed up by numbers.

6. Improve and optimize your campaign strategy

Your own campaign strategy depends on ground realities of market, psychological orientation of your target audience, and your clients varying requirements. All this can only be put together when you use data to link them together. Creativity alone will not be able to sustain marketing campaigns. Using data analytics and insight will help you to tie varying factors together and enhance your campaign strategy.


7. Upsell services and tap into new opportunities

Data insights help you to upsell services to your existing clients. If you have just been doing their social media, you can prove to them that using case studies and publishing white papers may provide a more targeted approach to enhance their strategy. Data insight will help you to prove that superior content will have better returns. While this is just an example, you can use numbers to upsell a number of services and solutions to your existing clients. You may even be able to discover new opportunities when you look at data insight.

Support your creativity with data insight

As you can see, it is important to be creative in a marketing agency. However, creativity needs to be backed up by numbers and data analytics gives you the necessary ammunition to keep your creativity tied to insight and business intelligence. Whether you are working with an external partner or you simply want to convince your own clients about your effectiveness, data analytics will come to your rescue.If you are scared of doing numbers and statistics, there are external agencies that specialize in data analytics which will help you crunch your numbers and provide deep insights as well. The Sooner you adopt this strategy, the better it is for your agency, and also for your own clients.

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