6 Ways Marketing Agencies Can Improve Systems and Processes

Published on:
June 2, 2018
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If there is something that most marketing agencies get wrong, it is the inability to find effective steps to enhance both systems and processes at the same time. A process is a sequence of events that help you to deliver your marketing projects on time, and implement them successfully for your clients. Systems help you to execute the process with the help of technology or a particular methodology.Marketing agencies often find it difficult to manage both systems and processes as they often seem endless.

Standard procedures do not help in the speedy completion of client marketing projects, and this can have a detrimental effect on an agency's cash flow. It is important to find project management techniques that help to bring order to both systems and processes, so that you are able to run marketing campaigns successfully without any hurdles.

In this article, let us take a look at 6 steps that help you to rev up both your systems and processes at the same time.

1. Profile and assess younts

Start your projects by profiling each of your clients, and assessing their situations and needs. For this, you will need to develop a standardized questionnaire, which can be filled up internally after interviewing the clients. The questionnaire can be computerized, so that you can arrive at preliminary insights regarding what the client needs, and how the marketing project can be successfully completed and implemented. The preliminary questionnaire also helps you to access information at a later stage, should you or your team members have doubts regarding marketing goals of your clients. This will help reduce unnecessary queries from your end directed at the client, and help you speed up implementing the project.

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2. Conduct research, both online and offline

An important step towards optimizing processes is to engage in research. Both online and offline research help you to improvise your processes continuously, and bring changes to systems if necessary. Research helps you gather data which supports your preliminary assessment done via the questionnaire or a structured interview. Makes sure that you research every minute aspect of a marketing project and its many variables, so that you don't miss out on crucial aspects of the project. If you find it difficult to engage in online and offline research, delegate this task to an external service provider.

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3. Be organized and agile

One of the crucial aspects of a successful marketing project is a team's level of organization. Being organized and clutter-free helps your team to deliver projects quickly and spend more time on creative aspects of the project. Organize all your tasks, and priorities them on a hierarchical structure.Following an agile methodology too helps you to enhance your systems and processes by making your project management simpler, leaner, and more efficient. Agile marketing is known to enhance both marketing process and systems, as it continuously evolves both the process and systems, if something is causing delays.Here are 26 examples of agile marketing.

4. Delegate tasks accurately

As discussed earlier, make a list of all the steps involved in your process and which system to use to achieve those results. Once you have a hierarchical list, begin to delegate each task to the right team member. Try not to overburden your employees with tasks on the lower rung of the hierarchy.Instead, seek the help of an external agency which can help you to focus more on high-priority tasks, enabling you to achieve success quickly. Delegating tasks to external vendors help you to turbocharge your processes, and save time and money, eventually helping you to manage your cash flow better.

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5. Focus on enhancing communication

To make sure that your processes and systems work efficiently, make sure to focus on enhancing both internal and external communication. This will help you to sort out confusions midway, m and ensure that everything in the process plays out smoothly.Have a protocol in place regarding how you will communicate with your internal staff, your clients, and your external vendors. The protocol should be followed strictly, and using the agile methodology to run quick and short meetings and brainstorming sessions should help you to smoothen creases in both systems and processes, as they become apparent.

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6. Be ready to adapt and adopt

Finally, a process need not be set in stone. If a marketing project isn't going very well, be ready to make changes to the existing process. You might have to adapt to changing situations, and adopt new systems to achieve the successful completion of a project. Adapting new systems, and adopting new processes will help you to evolve constantly.Constant evolution is what is required for making multiple marketing projects a big success. After all, without evolving, you can't expect to enhance your systems and processes, which ultimately help you to increase your cash flow.Making modifications may be a better approach according to this author.

Don't forget to monitor and track your processes and systems

While all these tactics help you to enhance existing processes and systems, you also need to monitor that everything that you are doing is fetching you the results you need. If you feel something is not working well, speak to external consultants who can provide you with an unbiased opinion about your existing processes and systems. Sometimes, we tend to think what we are doing is always right, as we are all biased towards our own business processes.

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