6 Ideas for an Inbound Marketing Agency to Scale Quickly

Published on:
April 25, 2018
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If you thought it was easy to scale an inbound marketing agency, you are quite wrong. It not only is a hard job but also quite complex. As technology keeps changing every day, the rules of the game change too, and this is why there are no clear-cut strategies to make your inbound marketing agency scale faster. Yet, this cheat-sheet will help you find ideas to scale your agency quickly.

After all, who doesn't want to get leaner, smarter, and more profitable, as opposed to bloated and stagnant? Read on to find out how you can reach stellar heights in no time, and ensure that your inbound marketing company brings back the profits you always dreamed of.

1. Expand your team

Nothing pulls down a fledging agency than a staff crunch. Imagine this scenario. You have begun to get new clients but are unable to do all the content writing, keyword searches, social marketing, etc. In other words, your work hurts simply because you are getting too much work. Either hire internally or partner with an extended team. Extended teams can work per project or on a regular basis.

Expert tip: Choose your extended team carefully so that they reflect your brand's character and personality.

Take a look at why extended teams trump other forms of hiring.

2. Diversify your business

Do not stop at your regular inbound marketing services. Begin to look for what your clients really want, and offer newer services. If you have been offering just blogs and articles, move up a step further and offer case studies and eBooks too. Not only will you be able to generate more income, but you will also appear like a more solid business, which attracts more leads anyway. Most importantly, approach other industry sectors for work too.

Expert tip: Do not spread yourself thin. While diversification of business is great, you should stick to doing what you are really good at.

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Source: A Basic Guide To Make A Winning Inbound Marketing Strategy

3. Upsell related services

Nothing is stopping you from telling your clients to buy something better from you. Suggest related services that will help them achieve their goals. Upsell eBooks if you are writing blogs, or ask your clients to pay more for a more creative social media campaign. Offer premium services at a discounted rate so that your clients pay more for better services. It will be a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Expert tip: Both upselling and cross-selling are known to help greatly with sales and increase profitability.

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4. Develop a niche

While it is important to diversify your business, you should also find a niche within inbound marketing services. If your skills are better in technology, use them to offer superior SEO services than struggling with stylish content. You could also find a niche client-base. If you have a background in software, for example, you could focus on software companies and helping them with their inbound marketing. This helps you to scale quickly.

Expert tip: Do not restrict yourself to a few services just because you need to find a niche.

Niche businesses may actually be your ideal clients. Read this article to find out why.

5. Remain updated on trends

Technology is fast changing and so are the different inbound marketing techniques. You need to remain on the edge to remain competitive, and that is the only way you will be able to scale quickly. If you find yourself reaching a plateau or if you become stagnant in what you offer, you will not be able to scale. Instead, your competitors may soon overtake your agency. Take time to understand what's happening around you, and how inbound marketing is changing every day.

Expert tip: Network with other inbound marketing agencies to learn what they are doing. Check out Neil Patel inbound marketing trends for 2018.


6. Focus on creativity

Inbound marketing consists of activities and techniques that draw customers to services and products with the help of content marketing, SEO, branding, and social media marketing. Thus, focusing on creativity is very important. A matter-of-fact approach will lead your clients nowhere, and may even hurt their business. Focus on boosting creativity and this will help you see happier clients, allowing you to scale quickly based on recommendations and references.

Expert tip: Hire only the most creative staff you can afford to recruit.

This Harvard Business Review article explores what creativity looks like in marketing today

Seek external help if you must

As you can see, scaling an inbound marketing agency is all about getting your strategy right. However, you will also need to focus on getting creative individuals and experts on board. If you think you cannot hire full time staff or if you can't afford to find all the staff you need, you can seek the services of an extended team that specializes in inbound team. This will not only help you to finish your projects on time, but will also enable you to take on new clients, helping you scale quickly.

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