5 Ways to Nurture Your Leads Better

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August 15, 2018
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It's a question that every business will invariably ask, sooner or later. How one can nurture their leads better is a question that tugs at the heart of even the most seasoned C-level executives, because there are just so many ways to do it. Technology helps us connect with our leads easily, and we can nurture them using multiple marketing automation tools. Nurturing one's leads requires a lot of time and dedication, even with automation tools, and it is always an ongoing effort.

In this article, let us take a look at 5 ways to nurture your leads better.

1. Automate the process of auditing your leads

Before you begin nurturing your leads, conduct an audit of existing leads and analyze which ones are worth nurturing, which ones would like to be nurtured, and who would like to be removed from your list. Considering GDPR rollout and privacy compliance issues, it is important to conduct an audit and ensure that you have their permission to contact them. Your CRM can help you automate the process of auditing your leads, and comply with GDPR using certain third-party plugins.You can also automate the process of auditing your social media followers. Curate followers who express interest in your products or solutions by using social analytics tools, and engage them on social media.

Social media analytics provide in-depth insight about your leads, and helps you identify the followers who will most likely be interested in purchasing.Robotics Process Automation is an important area that is bound to help in lead auditing. Bots work 24/7 and work at a cost of 25% to 35% of what a human might cost your company. RPO helps in automating internal audits, including that of leads, gathering information about market population, and predicting outcomes. This industry report gives you a better idea about RPO in lead nurturing.

2. Optimize remarketing and use analytics to predict lead-worthiness

Remarketing allows you to target potential leads by placing ads strategically as they browse on other websites, if they had visited your website. There are plugins that help you to automate this process. If you are unable to optimize remarketing to nurture your leads and display relevant ads to them, contact a partner agency who would be better equipped to do this for you. In some cases, you might have to redesign your landing pages as well.You can also use analytics to predict to whom you must send out newsletters and other communication. Data analytics automatically predicts which of your leads are likely to be warm, and which ones will receive your messages positively.

Autoresponderscan be used for quick communication.Marketing automation systems are a good place to start personalizing email messages, social media responses, etc. by using previous data. Journey Management by Adobe is a good example of this kind of martech. Automated marketing solutions by IBM is another place to explore.

Image Source: Remarketing Made Simple: A Step-by-Step Guide

3. Automate content marketing

To back up your automated lead nurturing practices, start creating content that is targeted at your audience, and make sure that you hold offline and online events as well.If there is one thing that makes leads happy and likely customers, it is great content. All your content needs to be created with your leads in mind, and with helping and educating them as your primary motives. Do not push commercial or highly persuasive messages to your valuable leads because that is usually a turn-off to most people.

Create niche contentbased on actual insights derived from marketing analytics. Similarly, a great way to nurture existing leads is by creating events that help them to learn more or participate in your brand activities.Automating content marketing is a step in the right direction. Content curation by using, social sharing using Buffer or Hootsuite, and monitoring responses to content marketing by using Mention are some examples of using marketing automation tools.

4. Use the latest technology

In recent years, technology has evolved greatly, and newer technologies such as artificial intelligence, chatbots, data analytics, and others have helped businesses to learn more about their customers and leads. Using these technologies will help you to engage your target audience better. Businesses that use data analytics fare better in lead nurturing goals than those that stick to traditional methods.

Marketing automation software expenditure is going to be worth around $32 billion this year. This MarketingSherpa study shows that social media outreach will depend on automation, just like integrated behavior-based email workflows will.

Lead scoring and personalized content are other areas in which marketing automation tools can be used to nurture leads.

Image Source: Demand Base

5. Use automation to enhance your strategy

Finally, make sure that you have a lead nurturing strategy. If you already have it, review it and make changes to it. A lead nurturing strategy can borrow from agile marketing methodology and incorporate brainstorming, regular meetings, and constant changes to the actual strategy. Most businesses do not incorporate marketing automation and partnering with external agencies as part of their strategy. Both these methods need to be employed for successful lead nurturing.

You can automate lead capture, use automated lead magnets and landing page conversion techniques, and engage in automated lead scoring techniques to further optimize lead nurturing. Automated lead scoring in particular helps you to chase leads that truly will convert. Include automation in your lead nurturing strategy for better results.

High performing companies are 3 times more likely to use marketing automation in lead nurturing than those who perform poorly.

Combine various methods to arrive at custom strategies

To nurture your leads better, begin with implementing marketing automation to audit your existing leads and social media followers. Use data analytics and martech to gain insights about your existing leads and social media followers. Next, use remarketing and analytics to predict lead-worthiness, and automate your content marketing. Incorporate a combination of external vendor partnerships and marketing automation to nurture your leads better.

Finally, have a good marketing automation strategy in place, and review your existing strategy to ensure successful lead nurturing. If you are unable to do this yourself, you can always partner with an agency that specializes in lead nurturing, so that you can focus on your core business functions.

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