5 Ways to Enhance Customers Support for Your Amazon Business During Holiday Shopping

Published on:
October 17, 2018
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Things can get very hectic for Amazon Business owners during the holiday season as most stores register an upsurge in web traffic, number of orders placed, and average sales figures. Last holiday season, the number of people shopping on Amazon App increased by 70 percent, globally. With close to 90 million Amazon Prime members, customer service during holiday rush is paramount for brand's success.

When your business gets extra busy due to holiday shopping, you will have to factor in providing customer support for a variety of situations including discounts, missed orders, delayed shipments, and coupon codes not working.In this article, let us take a look at how you can enhance customer support for your Amazon business during this holiday season.

1. Find temporary staff to handle customer support

Research reveals that stores on average, will need to offer at least 30 minutes of additional customer service per day during the holiday season. By Cyber Monday, you may need close to 77% more agents to handle calls from customers. With these figures in mind, it makes sense to hire temporary staff to offer customer care during the shopping season.

Your existing staff will simply not be able to handle all the extra calls during the rush. Temporary staff can be hired conveniently based on your unique staffing requirements. If you can answer calls quickly without making your customers wait, your average sales rate will increase as well.

2. Offer customer self-support

Customer self-support is a great way to help your Amazon customers quickly purchase products without them needing to call your customer care. Amazon offers a variety of tracking and monitoring support for customers who purchase on its platform. If you have a store on Amazon, customers can quickly contact you via Amazon's interface right from their mobile devices.

In addition, the moment a customer makes a purchase, Amazon's backend informs the customer via SMS and email, and also communicates when the products have been dispatched. Customers can easily track where the shipped package is, without having to call the customer support. Customer self-support also involves having a detailed FAQ (frequently asked questions) page on your website which answers all the common customer queries.


3. Manage deliveries efficiently

Though Amazon makes it easier for you to manage your orders and shipping, and for the customers to track their packages, holiday season can simply be too confusing. Despite advanced inventory management and order processing techniques, there can be delays and confusion during the holiday season. To help your customers purchase without difficulties, make sure that you get the extra help you need to manage deliveries.

Though customer self-support helps people to track their packages, it is not uncommon for anxious shoppers to still contact you regarding their shipments. Consider providing chat support via live web chat and over social media, regarding deliveries.

4. Assign social media roles to more employees

65% of shoppers use social media to find the gift of their choice. This means, a similar or higher number of customers will vent out their fury or dissatisfaction when they have problems with their holiday shopping experience. Be sure to be available all the time during the shopping season so that your Amazon customers do not leave bad reviews both on social media and on Amazon page.

Assign social media roles to your employees even if they are usually not assigned to handle social media queries. When it comes to social media, the sooner you attend to a customer, the more successful your interaction will be.


5. Don't over-stress your employees

One of the worst things that can happen to a customer is encountering a customer support agent who is stressed out. Not only will the customer receive below-average customer service, their problem may also not get solved. To avoid such scenarios, make sure that your employees are adequately rested, and that they are not overburdened with calls, social media queries, or live web chat requests.

When your in-house employees are over-burdened during the holiday season, it creates a ripple-effect of inefficiency across business processes. To make sure that they get the rest they need during the holiday season, consider partnering with an external agency that specializes in multi-channel customer service.

Be prepared for the holiday rush

Holiday season is expected to get busier this year, according to most estimates. US retail sales are estimated to climb up by 4.1 percent, while e-commerce sales will increase by 16.2 percent. As most people purchase on Amazon, it is crucial that your Amazon business offers extra customer support. To manage the extra rush and customer queries, consider finding temporary staff who can work in addition to your in-house staff.You can also set-up customer self-support for certain tasks, and spruce up your FAQ page.

Focus more on making sure that deliveries are made in time, and that customers can quickly reach out to you if they have issues. Assigning social media roles to existing employees can also help. However, most importantly, keep your employees well-rested, and do not stress them out during the holiday season. That will directly affect the quality of the customer support you offer.

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