5 Ways Outsourcing Enhances Organizational Productivity and Efficiency

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Most businesses wonder how they can improve their productivity and efficiency to scale quickly. Unfortunately, businesses cannot afford to do this quickly due to responsibilities of delivering projects in time, and staff that is consistently overburdened.

The time-tested solution to this problem is to partner with vendors who offer back office services. Back office services consist of a number of manual, repetitive, and monotonous tasks.

Many of these can be automated with the help of specialized tools, and some of them need a remote team. An external vendor who has better infrastructure, skills, and experience can take over your back office requirements.

In this article, let us take a look at 5 ways outsourcing back office services enhance your business efficiency and productivity.

1. Helps you manage time better

External vendors specialize in what may seem like repetitive or complex tasks for your staff, and they do it better too. This allows your staff to manage their own time better and focus on building your brand.

Back office solutions include telephone answering services, responding to emails, and even data entry. All these tasks take time, and are best left to a remote team, so that you can focus on more important things. Saved time is more valuable than you might imagine.

In addition, research shows that outsourcing gives internal staff more time to take genuine breaks and work for shorter periods of time, which leads to an increase in productivity.


2. Reduces expenditure in the long term

Outsourcing back office services help you save money in the short and long term. Firstly, you will not have to invest money in software or infrastructure, as your vendor will take care of tools required for performing back-office tasks.

Secondly, outsourcing back-office tasks such as data entry, recruitment, customer service, etc. helps you to save money in the long term by helping you avoid licensing fees.

Most businesses do not have access to proprietary software programs, to specialized skills or to infrastructure that can be exorbitant to invest in. Cloud-delivered SaaS provides access to expensive software programs and specialized skills can be hired temporarily on dedicated hiring models.

3. Better allocation of resources

Most businesses that outsource their back office find that they are able to make better use of their existing manpower, infrastructure, and temporal resources.

These resources are often used to focus on core business activities and come up with better strategies that affect the bottom line. When projects are outsourced, you can invest in new skills and infrastructure that will help you to take your business to the next level.

For instance, outsourcing your customer service and marketing helps your full-time staff to perform more strategic and complex tasks, while freeing up existing infrastructure similarly.

4. Helps you scale quickly

Most businesses struggle to complete projects that they already have, and often miss deadlines inviting the ire of their clients. By outsourcing back office projects to external teams, businesses can take up more clients and projects.

Being able to take up more projects helps businesses to scale quickly and make monetary gains that would otherwise have not been possible. Your existing staff can be trained in more complex skills so that they can deliver value to your organization.

Make a list of the most monotonous and repetitive tasks that are pulling down your staff, and outsource these back office tasks to an external partner. Most commonly, software maintenance, data entry, customer support, and other tasks are outsourced.


5. Reduces staff responsibility

Most businesses assign a lot of repetitive and monotonous work to their employees. The result being, the staff feels overworked and demotivated, and the productivity level goes down.

This leads to an increase in leave applications, requests for unplanned vacations, etc. Even if they are present in the office, they may not work to their full potential.

This is often not deliberate, but research shows that stressed-out employees do not perform well, and their efficiency and productivity go down quickly. When you outsource back-office tasks such as data entry, inventory management, or telephone answering, your staff can focus on what they are truly good at.

Reduced staff responsibility is directly linked to a reduction in stress, which is correlated with higher efficiency and productivity at work.

Delegate back office tasks to external vendors, and help your staff become more productive

Outsourcing your back office is a time-tested business strategy that has helped thousands of businesses across the world to not only survive, but also thrive.

Delegating back-office responsibilities to external vendors has helped businesses to invest in skills that actually matter, scale quickly, and improve productivity at work by improving work culture.

Your staff will thank you more than anyone else, when you choose to outsource your back-office functions. With reduced responsibilities and more time for breaks, your staff will be more productive and efficient at work.

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