5 Signs Your Marketing Agency Isn't Able to Scale

Published on:
June 2, 2018
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There are always warning signs that a marketing agency isn't able to scale and grow as a business. Inability to scale can hurt a fledging business in a number ion ways, and marketing agencies are no exceptions. Inability to scale results in plateauing of income, reduction of profits, and eventual financial difficulties which may lead to downsizing or even closure of a business. Marketing agencies are particularly at risk because taking up one too many projects at a time without adequate manpower can lead too over-capacity situations.Unfortunately, many businesses miss the warning signs, and do not seek help externally until it is too late.

Here are the warning signs that your marketing agency is not able to scale. If you recognize any of these signs in your marketing agency, it is probably time to delegate some of your non-strategic tasks to an external partner.

1. Your team is not big enough

Often, projects get delayed when you do not have adequate manpower. If you are getting your creative employees to also engage in client-servicing, or if your accounts guy is doing your SEO as well, it is time for a big re-think. While it is possible for employees to be multi-talented, you are spreading them too thin if you expect multiple roles from each employee. This is a warning sign that your teams not big enough for taking up new and more complex projects. In short, you will not be able to scale.

This article teaches you how to grow your team sustainably.

2. Your employees are getting sluggish

Another warning sign is, your perfect team is not able to deliver perfect results anymore. They may begin to delay their submissions, complain about being stressed out, or their work may simply not be up to the mark. If you find yourself grappling with employees who seem sluggish or stressed out, it may be a warning sign that you are giving them more than they can handle. Stressed out employees will not be able to help you scale. Rather, they will take your ship down with them. Watch out for signs that your employees are not performing well. It is a sign that you are not able to scale and that you are taking up more projects than you can handle.

Here is how stress affects productivity.

Source: Harvard Business Review

3. Your creative team is not creative anymore

When a marketing agency is not able to scale, it will not be as creative as it used to be. This will directly affect your capacity to scale and take up newer and more challenging tasks. To help your team unburden itself, you will need to delegate repetitive and time-intensive tasks to an external agency, so that your employees can focus on creative tasks. It is a well known fact that when a person has too many things to do, it affects their creativity.

Here is how creativity is linked to productivity.

4. You feel overburdened with existing projects

While scaling requires taking up new projects, one of the most tragic signs that you will not be able to scale is, you feel overburdened with even existing projects You may simply not be able to cope with the amount of work you already have, which leads to altercations with employees and clients. If you find yourself having to race against time and capacity to deliver marketing projects, it is an obvious sign that you cannot scale at the moment. Try to get help from a vendor specialized in non-strategic marketing tasks such as SEO, content marketing, Google AdWords, form filling, online research, customer service, etc.

Here is a list of non-strategic activities you can get external help for.

Source: Quicksprout

5. Your revenues are stagnant

An obvious sign that you are not able to scale is, your income is stagnant. You may experience financial sluggishness and plateauing of income, which means you are not able to increase your income any further. If you find that your checks and balances are not impressive, it is a clear sign that you are not able to scale, and that you will need to get the help you need from an external agency.

Delegating time-intensive tasks to an external vendor will help you to focus on taking up new projects and increase your income.Here is how to grow your income in a marketing agency.

There are always signs you cannot miss

In short, there are alway warning signs that an agency is not able to perform. In case of a marketing agency, the first warning sign is that you are not able to deliver creatively superior projects to your clients anymore. You may also not be able too sustain yourself financially or productivity-wise. If you have begun to feel overburdened or sluggish, and your employees are feeling stressed out, it is probably time to get help from an external agency.

Delegating your non-strategic marketing tasks to an external partner helps you to focus more on high-intensity creative tasks that are your forte."Get Free Consultation from a Digital Expert."

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