5 essentials of choosing the best e-commerce partner

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E-commerce retailers eagerly wait for the holiday season to boost their annual sales, every year. Strikingly, this year retail sales are expected to touch one trillion dollars. In the U.S alone, e-commerceportals are��projected to grow at 15 - 21%. (source- companies opt for outsourcing their non-core activities to e-commerce partners as running processes and activities in-house can be a financially risky proposition. E-commerce outsourcing is also a bit complicated than other processes and furthermore for HR, finance or customer service departments.E-commerce technology is changing at a rapid pace. Technical expertise has to be agile to ensure quick service delivery. A firm or company looking for an e-commerce partner should keep in mind the following tips:RELIABILITYSome e-commerce brands fail to deliver timely services or are unable to fulfill client���s expectations. To avoid unpleasant experiences, e-commerce partners should have a consistent record of providing reliable service. Find out about their previous track records of service delivery to know the number of years they have been in thisbusiness. Look for industry standard certifications like ISO or CMM which give evidence of their credential.THE PROCESSA good setup process is needed to successfully run outsourcing as the customer service department is completely dependent on the process and its implementation. The partner should have a good understanding of industry-approved practices. The teams should be well-trained in project management. Ask for a full-proof documented process before starting the project. Review and update the process periodically.THE ABILITY TO SCALEYour e-commerce partner should be able to scale the team���s size up or down on any given notice. Thus leaving the hassles of monitoring any manpower out of the way.UNDERSTANDS E-COMMERCEE-commerce is skillful work. An understanding of e-commerce tools, its business model, and goals, its efficiency to adapt to new technology are key elements to look for. Their supporting team should have good learners.A company which has worked in the e-commerce domain for a considerable period of time can provide an expert team of e-commerce professionals. Establishments that have e-commerce support as a core business unit should be your go-to.A REASONABLE UNDERSTANDING OF DIGITAL MARKETINGYou cannot disconnect digital marketing from e-commerce. Both are two sides of a coin. As simple as product uploads or descriptions, e-commerce ventures should have a basic understanding of SEO fundamentals. More-so, their strengths must lay in digital marketing activities like SEO, SEM, content marketing, and Photoshop whichhelp in adhering best practices of shopping carts. Hope these five quick tips help you tackle any predicaments related to finding the right e-commerce company for your business.If you need immediate help this holiday season, contact us and we'll get you on your way.Get Free Quote & whitepaper

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