4 Productivity Tips for Marketing Agencies

Published on:
May 25, 2018
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Marketing agencies often have the odious task of meeting strategic goals of multiple clients at the same time. This leads to a reduction in productivity, affecting bottom-line both in the short and long terms. There are several ways an agency can enhance its productivity. This could include clearing digital clutter, investing in better technology, changing one's business strategy, and working smart instead of just working hard. However, all these productivity tips are not specific to marketing agencies and are applicable to every agency or individual who is trying to improve productivity.

In this article, we shall focus on certain techniques that will help enhance productivity at marketing agencies in particular. These techniques will not only help you satisfy your clients, but will also help you improve your working culture. After all, happy employees make for a more productive company.

1. Don't multitask always

Multi-tasking is one of the favorite strategies of agencies, big and sm However, it is not a very useful strategy when it comes to marketing. This is because, marketing involves creativity and cold hard logic. It is not possible to activate both sides of the brain and be efficient. Divide your time (rather your employees) to make sure creative and brainstorming activities are separated from more analytical and technical work. Multi-tasking is known to reduce productivity levels because our brains are simply not designed that way. Dividing activities and separating them will help you to achieve productivity more efficiently.

For example: If you are getting your copywriters to use an analytical tool to study market trends before they write their copy, do not ask them to do them simultaneously. They can choose to use analytical tools during the first half of the day (or the week, depending on your work-load), and write the copy in the other half.


2. Implement agile marketing

Agile marketing is a methodology that is directly inspired by agile software development. It helps you organize your projects and teams better, so that tasks are completed efficiently. This is particularly useful in a marketing project situation because creative individuals tend to be chaotic, and a little bit of order is always going to enhance productivity. Divide your team into the core and extended teams. your core team should consist of the project manager, the scrum master, analytics lead, and other internal employees who manage the tasks. You can further divide the team into creative types and non-creative types.

Next, in your extended team, you can have your IT, legal, and marketing managers who take care of aspects not related to core client projects.Agile is a culture and has changed the way companies perform because of the importance it places on short meetings, brainstorming, quick reviews, and intensive collaboration. Make sure that your core and extended team collaborate and communicate as and when necessary, and that meetings are held regularly.

3. Conquer analysis paralysis

A marketing agency should focus on creativity more than anything else. However, the advent of automation tools and analytical software programs have encouraged marketing professionals to depend too much on data. This has led to a situation of analysis paralysis, where marketing professionals feel bound by data, instead of letting themselves go. Creativity is a cornerstone of creativity, and focusing too much on analysis may actually stop you from completing the projects quickly. Creativity can solve your clients problems in an instant, while analysis may make you think and remain flustered for a long time. While analysis is useful, make sure you don' feel paralyzed by it. Instead, focus on improving your employees creativity.

Source: The Science of Analysis Paralysis

4. Free your employees from non-strategic work

Make sure that your employees do not feel burdened by non-strategic work. Define what is strategic and non-strategic for your marketing agency, and delegate tasks that are strategic to your employees. If you follow agile methodology strictly, you will see that employees should focus on their strengths first, so that productivity remains at superior levels. Make sure that creative employees are not overburdened with time-intensive tasks. Get external help or partner with another agency to finish time-intensive tasks.

However, you will probably need to make sure that your external partner complies with all the data regulations, especially if you are going to delegate time-intensive, analytical and research-oriented tasks. While copywriting, art direction and other strategic tasks can be completed by your staff, repetitive and monotonous tasks such as form-filling, engaging in research, SEO, Google Ads, etc. can be delegated to another agency.'

Marketing productivity is vastly different

As you will already know, marketing agencies have very different requirements and needs, when it comes to enhancing productivity. To make sure that they are able to scale and remain productive, it is important to focus on employee satisfaction. This means, you should delegate tasks that employees are good at doing, and that which they enjoy. Time-intensive and repetitive tasks can be delegated to external partners. In addition, agile marketing, avoiding multi-tasking and analysis paralysis are all important strategies to boost productivity. "Get Free Consultation from a Digital Expert".

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