3 Steps to Manage the Digital Marketing activities

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Digital marketing started with the concept of tagging keywords for SEO, AdWords, and Facebook. Now, the process has undergone changes. Keyword search, on page and off page optimisation and online reputation management are new dimensions of virtual marketing. More-so, content planning, creation, and distribution are key operations in strategic marketing.Social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat serve as compelling mediums to generate effective leads. The other less acknowledged, highly plausible mediums of marketing like social listening, affiliate marketing, referral marketing, and drip campaigns lure customers and entice conversions.It is the main channel for sales and marketing in eCommerce industry; How to manage all digital marketing activities?The grown-up digital marketing involves innovative activities which are time-consuming and require continuous testing. Nonetheless, these activities assure customer interaction, adds brand value and improves awareness about targeted products/services.Then, how does one administer digital marketing activities with limited resources?The holiday season has started and most small and medium e-commerce companies are looking to be in charge of digital marketing. The process is gruelling and obscure. However, start by:PREPARING A MARKETING PLAN - KNOW AS THE 5 FUNDAMENTAL P���sPrepare A specific and measurable goal like ���Generating $10 million in the Holiday season.��� To reach projected sales, research about marketing strategy and the activities involved.Product:�� Know the targeted products that will contribute to sales.�� Apply the 80/20 rule and find the principal product which will help achieve 80 % of the projected revenue.Pricing: Set viable minimum prices for principal products.Promotion: Make a list of all social media channels and other marketing mediums that are imminent. Budget investments each marketing medium will necessitate. Plan content data, the frequency and timing of the post.Place ����� Be assured of thbe it a website, marketplace, affiliate partner or social media. Consider expected sales of each channel.RESOURCE PLANNINGThe marketing plan will give a fair evaluation of employees and resources that are required for marketing activities.Large e-commerce companies hire resources, impart training and make employees ready for the holiday season sale. Small and mid-sized companies lack an enormous set-up and rather must give weightage to separating core and non-core marketing schemes. This will help in systematic management of marketing campaigns. Typically, when these non-core activities are outsourced; the company can focus on core business.E-commerce digital marketing comprises of time-consuming activities like website maintenance, product upload and keyword research. Periodic tagging of product-friendly URLs, titles, tag and content distribution is of utmost importance. Posting blogs to various social bookmarking sites and regularly updating those sites is crucial. Unintentionally, updating campaign outcomes to the dashboard and many such tiresome tasks likewise are often overlooked.Outsourcing is a viable business solution for many operational reasons. Outsourcing non-core activities give more flexibility to administer strategic marketing activities. It further gives access to high-value talent and skill to e-commerce and digital marketing.The cost of labour and retaining talent keeps increasing, thereby outsourcing becomes a financially more viable option. It also fosters flexibility in scaling operations and in running activities 24/7.ALWAYS CHOOSING THE RIGHT PARTNERIf you have decided to outsource marketing activities, it is also essential to choose a right partner for the job. There lies a significant barrier in replacing an e-commerce partner once the business is up and running; making it crucial to have a comprehensive selection process before an agreement is initiated.A long-term approach is pivotal. A program needs continuous improvement to generate long-term benefits. Before zeroing down any e-commerce partner, verify their experience in e-commerce and digital marketing, their reliability, and core team of experts. (Read More)MONITORING AND REPORTINGA good quality data is crucial to measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. The main challenge lies in a data-based decision, id data overload, Google analytics and other marketing platforms which provide too many data points. There are chances where key metrics are not tracked.It is imperative to prepare a marketing dashboard. The dashboard will focus on key metrics that the marketing manager or management can keep track of on a continuous basis.The key marketing metrics for an e-commerce store varies from company to company, few are gross margin percentage from the channel; revenue from each channel and the position of primary keywords. (Read More)Walmart CEO, Jofel Anderson scrupulously said: ���You can���t just open a website and expect people to flood in. If you really want to succeed you have to create traffic���. Managing "" target="_blank">digital marketing can be overwhelming. To create traffic or to generate leads; a strategic plan works wonders. Follow these quick tips to master any digital marketing campaign like an expert!If you need immediate help this holiday season, contact us and we���ll get you on your way.Get done first 20 hours task for FREE & FREE store audit

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