10 Ways Product Data Enrichment Can Drive Ecommerce Sales Figures

Published on:
December 19, 2017
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Most e-commerce store owners lose customers prior to check out because the product descriptions weren't sufficient. When customers try to make a purchase, they depend on product data that store owners publish on product pages. Unfortunately, unless the descriptions are enriched with relevant information, your product may not receive the attention it deserves from customers. Product data enrichment provides contextual and useful information related to products and helps drive sales.

1. Avoid cart abandonment

You might have noticed that customers often abandon carts when one of the products they decided to purchase didn't have all the information they wanted. If customers do not get the answers they seek, they may abandon carts right at the last moment too. Adding valuable information about a product without missing out on any details will ensure that customers will not abandon carts simply because they had a lingering doubt in their minds.

2. Provide contextual information

es to purchasing online, it is all about the context in which the products are sold. The product description should be contextual in nature and should help customers to understand how each product they plan to buy adds value to their life. In other words, product copy should be written in such a way that it provides all the contextual information that is required.

3. Enhance metadata of product page

Many times, customers do not find what they want because a product's title, description, and tags are incorrectly stated. Fixing product metadata not only helps your customers to view correct information, but will help search engines to crawl your product pages correctly, and boost traffic eventually.

4. Categorize products correctly

We often find a number of products listed and categorized incorrectly. Not only does it make it harder for customers to find what they want, it also confuses web crawlers, leading to low SEO rankings. Product data management involves fixing multiple errors that may have missed even glaring eyes. Developing product taxonomies, choosing appropriate tags and keywords, and ensuring all information is classified correctly is crucial for e-commerce sales.

5. Cross-sell related and alternative products

To boost sales, it is always important to cross-sell related and alternative products. Visitors to your website may often find a related or alternative product than the one they are searching on your website. Efficient product data management involves making sure that all the appropriate related and alternative products are displayed on a particular product page.

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6. Upsell aspirational products

For sales enhancement, upselling is a great technique, which has helped many e-commerce websites to promote more expensive products. Superior products and services can be displayed alongside certain products in order to woo the customer to make a purchase. Upselling always generates more revenue than mere cross-selling, and data enrichment helps you do just that.

7. Recommend accessories

You will be surprised to learn how much sales you can generate simply by nudging and urging your customers to purchase accessories when they buy a certain product. In fact, studies show that the mere presence of attractive accessories may encourage a person to make the big purchase. E-commerce growth can be achieved by creatively promoting and placing related accessories when an individual arrives on a product page.

8. Attractive content

The importance of attractive content to boost e-commerce sales cannot be understated. For genuine sales enhancement, you will need to write exceptionally creative copy and product description, so that visitors are left with no doubts about making purchase decisions. This also involves choosing the best product images, displaying video content if possible, and writing attractive headlines and blurbs.

9. Eliminate buyer confusion

Product data enrichment is all about making sure that the visitor or customer has no doubts left in his mind about making a purchase decision. When you contextualize the product, provide reasons for making a purchase, and make the buying process smooth and simple, there will no confusion left in the mind of the buyer.

10. Provide a holistic buying experience

Data enrichment services help you to provide a holistic buying experience to your customers. Not only do they get answers to all the questions in their mind, but will also find other suitable products that they otherwise might have missed while shopping. Certainly, for your ecommerce website to grow, it is important to start with product data enrichment as soon as possible.

Enrich your product data today

Implementing product data enrichment can help you drive ecommerce sales figures in a number of ways. By providing accurate and contextual information, it helps customers to make informed decisions without any confusion, and thus avoids cart abandonment. By categorizing metadata and tags correctly, it helps you to boost search engine metrics as well.

If these benefits weren't enough, data enrichment also allows you to cross-sell related and alternative products, while providing you with an opportunity to upsell expensive and premium products.

Finally, attractively written product descriptions, attention-grabbing images, and rich media help customers to enjoy a holistic buying experience, encouraging them to visit your website frequently.

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