10 Reasons to Move Your Online Store to Shopify

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If you own an e-commerce store, you probably have wondered how you can improve the performance of your online store, and how you can make it easier for your customers to make purchases and return to your website often quickly.

The answer to this predicament usually lies in choosing the best e-commerce platform for your needs. While many business owners prefer to use Magento, OpenCart and other e-commerce platforms to host their websites, it makes sense to choose and migrate to Shopify.

In this article, let us take a look at some of the reasons why Shopify helps you catapult your business to success quickly.

1. Shopify community is remarkably helpful

It is not possible for every business owner to know how to install and manage an e-commerce platform, and also ensure that it is always optimized to enhance sales. Shopify's online community is very strong and can be found on its official e-commerce forums, Github, and on Slack as well.

These and other online communities help business owners like you to seek advice related to optimizing your online store for increased sales, enhanced SEO, quicker checkouts, etc. in other words, Shopify scores over other e-commerce platforms when it comes to community support that is available.

2. Cloud-hosting reduces your overall expenditure

When compared with Magento, Shopify has the advantage of being available over the cloud by default. This ensures that you have very little to worry about with respect to hosting your website.

With great documentation and support, Shopify is the perfect e-commerce hosted solution for business owners of all sizes. Most importantly, as Shopify is cloud-hosted, you will spend only on subscription fees, and never on actual infrastructure or servers, which will be the case of you choose to host your own e-commerce website.

3. Shopify has no hidden costs

When it comes to running an e-commerce store all by yourself, you need to take into account various sources of expenditure such as development charges, server costs, hosting fees, customization expenditure, etc. however, Shopify offers an end-to-end cloud-hosted service that allows you to plugin-and-play your e-commerce store, starting at just $29.

If you wish to add more features, or seek further customization, you can choose to upgrade your plan. Otherwise, Shopify fees are transparent and you will not encounter any hidden fees.

4. Ensure security of your store, and that of your customers

If you are worried about security, you should consider Shopify migration because it is SSL and PCI compliant.

When your customers see the green lock icon, they will feel reassured to go ahead with completing the checkout process, leading to fewer cart abandonment. This is probably one of the biggest Shopify migration benefits.

5. Shopify is SEO-friendly

If you are considering Shopify migration, you might want to keep in mind that your products' URL may change.

However, SEO will not be affected by Shopify migration and this is one of the advantages of moving to Shopify. Not only do you get to enjoy all the benefits of a Shopify online store, but you also get to retain your search rankings for every product page.

If you feel you are unable to fix your SEO issues yourself, there is extensive documentation available, and Shopify community always has answers to all sorts of questions.

6. Access to varied Shopify Apps for every business need

If we were to discuss Shopify vs. Magento, the first thing that would come to our minds is how third-party applications came to Magento a long time ago.

However, Magento apps require customizations that a regular businessperson may not be able to implement himself. Shopify apps are carefully selected, and customizing a website using these apps and integrating them as and when required are truly easy. Check out Forbes list of Shopify apps.

7. Helps provide an omnichannel experience to your customers

One of the biggest advantages of moving to Shopify is, you can provide a truly multi-channel experience to your customers. If they wish to shop online, Shopify online store's responsive interface allows them to do so on any device's screen.

If they wish to visit your store, you can choose Shopify point of Sale (POS) to sell your products and process orders quickly and efficiently. If we consider Shopify vs. OpenCart, such benefits may be very few.

8. Easy to integrate with other programs

It always makes sense to integrate your e-commerce platform with CRM or ERP to automate both backend and frontend functions.

Shopify online store can easily be integrated with your ERP or CRM of choice so that your business operations are optimized. It is a well-known fact that integrating ERP, CRM, and store software avoid creating duplicate copies of data.

9. Easy to scale

One of the biggest predicaments that e-commerce store owners face if they are using other online store platforms is the ability to scale.

If we consider Shopify vs. Magento or Shopify vs. OpenCart, it becomes clear that Shopify easily wins over the other two when it comes to ease of scalability.

Shopify's cloud-hosted programs require no extra efforts from your side even when your store grows in size in stature. All you need to do is to subscribe to the appropriate plan.

10. Extra features and customization with Shopify Plus

Shopify Plus is perfect for larger e-commerce stores that need more features and customizations.

As you grow in size and importance, you will need solutions that are tailor-made for your unique requirements. Shopify Plus is an enterprise-grade e-commerce solution that comes with unlimited bandwidth and immense scope for scalability.

All this comes with a fully-cloud hosted subscription plan, in which you will have to do nothing but carry on with your actual business.

Consider Shopify Migration for Operational Ease

As you can see, Shopify has a number of benefits that enable you to run your online store better. Shopify is easy to integrate with other software programs and third-party applications help you to scale easily, and is quite affordable too.

Shopify wins over other e-commerce platforms such as Magento and OpenCart if you are looking for an easy-to-use cloud-based hosting solution.

If you are already using other e-commerce platforms and are considering an easier solution, Shopify might just be what you need.

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