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Founded in 2002 by business partners turned life partners, TransForm Solutions is the result of an entrepreneurial spirit and determined mindset. Aiming to modify how non-core business and administrative operations are perceived by organizations, we started with humble beginnings and projects related to data and desk research services.

We grew one step at a time, one customer at a time and one team member at a time; eventually making us into a full-fledged organization harboring young and mature talents catering to versatile businesses.

We use our specialization in analytics, digital interventions, and operations management alongside deep industry expertise to deliver solutions that help you gain an edge over the competition.

At TransForm Solutions, it’s all about outcomes—your outcomes—and delivering success on your terms. Share your goals with us and together, we’ll optimize how you leverage data to drive your business forward.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower every organization globally to improve efficiency and save costs in non-core functions.

Our Vision

To be the best service engine for global organizations.

Our Values

TransForm takes pride in having aligned mission, vision and values that help us serve our customers and stakeholders involved in making us a part of the industry. We CARE:


Customer Centricity

We put our customers and their requirements first, always; and focus on value creation.


Accountability & Integrity

We aim to be ethical, transparent and sincere in all transactions to enable fairness in all aspects.


Respect for Individuals

We shall be respectful towards all individuals, and take responsibility for all actions.



We strive for excellence at each stage for our customers - as an individual, a team and an organization.

Connected and Supported by the Best in the Industry

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Our Team

A company, team or organization can only be as good as the people who make it function on a daily basis. That is why TransForm Solutions is among the world leaders in business process outsourcing solutions.


Ashfaq Shilliwala

Chief Executive Officer


Seema Shiliwala

Chief People Officer

Head of sales

Jim Gerspach

Head of Sales, Americas

Our Credo

Each individual and organization we deal with, either through partnership or transaction becomes a part of our journey. We consider them our stakeholders, for whom we endeavor to make a difference. They drive us to perform the best, everytime.

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Our Customers

Our responsibility is to our customers. Our customers are a part of our service engine. They have trusted us with the delivery of their service and it is our responsibility to delight them. We will invest in delivery excellence through people and technology to maximize value for our customers.

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Our People

Our next responsibility is to our people. They are an integral part of our service engine. We are responsible for ensuring a happy, healthy and growing TransForm family. We are responsible for professional growth of our people. This includes career and skill improvement in areas that deliver direct value to our customers.

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Our Ecosystem

Our responsibility also lies to the eco-system that we are a part of. Our service engine consists of several players all of who come together to create value for our customers. This includes industry associations focused on uplifting the cause of delivering better services to the world.

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Our Selves

Our final responsibility is to ourselves. We are responsible for our own health and professional growth. We work to a shared cause of making TransForm Solutions the service engine of the world. With this in mind we choose actions that are in the long term interest of the company while meeting its short term needs.

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