Robotic Process Automation bots extend the power of an automation platform by performing tasks faster, allowing employees to produce higher-value work.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has steadily gained acceptance with time due to its vast application potential in various domains, and the advantages that follow through. It is a well-established fact that businesses that integrate with digital technologies lay their foundation for future success. With RPA, the redundant chores can be taken care of in comparatively lesser time, but with higher accuracy. The workforce can be deployed at rather creative tasks – all while you achieve significant cost savings.

Robotic Process and Cognitive Automation technologies have the potential to change the underlying beliefs concerning a business. Does your business deal with a rule-driven approach, confidential and intensive data, repetitive tasks resulting in the scope of errors, among other things? If yes, RPA is the right fit in your system.

Let us work together towards the common goal of the betterment of your business outcomes across all levels with our robotic process automation services for small business.

What we offer

We provide end-to-end services for the deployment of RPA bots with cognitive capabilities.

  • Strategize: Customize the RPA program following your business objectives, including policy standards, regulations, cost structure, and a better result.
  • Viability check: Finalizing the automation tool post an in-depth examination of the system and capturing the areas where automation would best fit for the utmost and brisked up output.
  • RPA lab: Establishment of a high-end lab, which boasts the latest RPA tools for training as well as execution of the designed models.
  • Execution: Implementing RPA in the design to draw maximum advantages through the creation of support function, training, and maintenance services resulting in an AI-enabled company.
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Endless Use Cases

TransForm Solutions handles mission-critical operations 24/7 for some of the fastest-growing companies around the globe:
Brand Image Monitoring for America’s largest Visual Content Platform.
Order & Invoice Processing For a leading Badges and Lanyards manufacturer.
Coordinating with 5,000 local restaurants to Deliver Food on Time for Australia and New Zealand’s #1 online and mobile takeaway ordering service.
Managing Back Office operations for the UK’s leading budget hotel aggregator.
US home furnishing company boosts revenue with eCommerce Support Services
Label Product Images For E-Commerce Platforms.

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