We replace the difficult and tedious routine tasks of your organization with our methodical AI solutions that come with high intelligence.

What we offer

We offer a wide range of services to satisfy your business needs.

  • Object Detection: Our object detection models brag the ability to capture pre-defined or new objects from pictures as well as videos with no compromise on accuracy.
  • Conversational Bots: We provide a platform for creating bots that operate in-line with your business, reducing the dependency on staff.
  • Character Recognition: Developing OCR engines for quick conversion of documents or handwritten contents into a machine-readable format.
  • RPA lab: Establishment of a high-end lab, which boasts the latest RPA tools for training as well as execution of the designed models.
  • Visual Inspection: Spotting and classifying abnormalities in bulk production units cannot be more accessible when our Visual Inspection models are put to use.
  • Data Visualization: We excel at the usage of Tableau and Jupiter lab for an eloquent representation of data to detect trends and patterns.
  • Speech Interface: Our speech recognition system operates offline, making it faster and has the potential to outperform any competitive software.
  • Sentiment Analysis: Our algorithms are written to determine emotion tones such as joy and sadness, not just positive, negative, or neutral.
  • Python Bots: Our engineers have vast experience in integrating Python technologies for the automation of RPA and DevOps models.
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Endless Use Cases

TransForm Solutions handles mission-critical operations 24/7 for some of the fastest-growing companies around the globe:
Brand Image Monitoring for America’s largest Visual Content Platform.
Order & Invoice Processing For a leading Badges and Lanyards manufacturer.
Coordinating with 5,000 local restaurants to Deliver Food on Time for Australia and New Zealand’s #1 online and mobile takeaway ordering service.
Managing Back Office operations for the UK’s leading budget hotel aggregator.
US home furnishing company boosts revenue with eCommerce Support Services
Label Product Images For E-Commerce Platforms.

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