Case Study

TransForm scales growth for a Florida real estate player, helping it achieve Top 100 real estate company in the U.S. recognition year after year

Challenging for most real estate companies to focus on their whole portfolio.

Results At A Glance


Ranks consistently among the Top 100 US real estate companies

Time required for entry of property to market

Reduced to a range of 24 to 48 hours

Sales growth


Time saved per agent

Two hours per day


    It is challenging for most real estate companies to focus on their whole portfolio. In the current dynamic market condition, real estate players constantly face escalating costs and time pressures which often render their improvement initiatives irregular, reactive and lacking impact. This was exactly what our Florida-based real estate customer dealing in residential and commercial real estate was facing.


    For our customer, the need was to create value throughout the lifecycle of every real estate project while seizing every opportunity for improvement. Our customer sought to:

    • Unlock the full potential of its 5,000+ property listings database
    • Implement an efficient and penetrative multi-channel marketing effort
    • Effectively follow-up on leads
    • Setup a robust back office to handle and execute the leads right up to sales closure and customer feedback

    To begin with, TransForm trained and deployed a 10-member team adept at managing large volumes of data and implementing operational improvement initiatives. We then took a holistic approach and created robust business processes to help enhance the efficiency of their real estate professionals and unlock value across the entire business. The TransForm team assisted 20 branch managers at the customer organization across areas such as:

    • Marketing of property listings through print media by creating property brochures, flyers and postcards
    • Email marketing by designing and scheduling mass email outreach
    • Generating leads through online advertising and subsequent appointment scheduling
    • Back office support in report generation, sale closing paperwork, website maintenance and data mining
    • Efficient gathering and utilization of customer feedback data for operational improvement, repeat sales pitches and word-of-mouth publicity

    In a short span of time, with TransForm’s support, constant improvement, sales growth, profitability and marketing effectiveness became an inseparable part of our customer’s business. Specifically, they have achieved:

    • Resource efficiency by eliminating repetitive manual tasks and implementing process improvement, thus enhancing operations quality
    • An average time savings of 2 hours per agent per day
    • Reduced turnaround time for creation of marketing materials to 8 hours, enabling complete rollout of a property into the market within 24–48 hours
    • Reduced backlog by creating brochures for 2,500+ current active property listings within 30 days
    • Consistent and uninterrupted back-end support
    • Sales growth of 5% as a result of real estate agents’ improved focus on onsite marketing, since marketing material preparation is being handled by TransForm Solution

    With our support, this real estate player could achieve a sustainable and scalable business model. Today, it consistently ranks among the top 100 real estate companies in the U.S., by sales as well as transaction volume.

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