Case Study

An Australian online travel services provider leveraged detailed competitor’s analysis to remain the leader of its market segment.

The company provided wide range of special deals and offers in short and long term accommodations – for both service and other types of apartments.

Results At A Glance

Campaign conversion ratio

Improved by 20%

Marketing cost

Reduced by 20%

Hotel price monitoring

Expanded to 35-40 from 10-15 initially


    Founded in 1999, the company provides a variety of online travel agency services, including accommodations, conferences, tours, cruises and car hiring.

    In the online travel service industry, offers and deals play a crucial role in sales generation. Our client provided a wide range of special deals and offers for its services, including short and long term accommodations.

    • Identifying and responding to the ever-changing pricing, marketing and campaign strategies of its competitors
    • Managing room inventory, availability, and all other relevant information

    Online Research & Inventory Management Services

    • TransForm provided solutions to enable ongoing monitoring of competitor prices.
    • Systems and controls were employed to keep prices in check after comparing with competitor websites.
    • TransForm’s team also managed room inventory, availability, and all other relevant information.

    Digital Marketing Support Services

    • TransForm helped design a detailed offer for every campaign of the client after comparison with competitor campaigns.
    • We also designed a system to identify when such campaigns were most effective and ran them accordingly.
    • A tracking system was developed for campaign expenditures, to ensure they did not exceed the company's marketing budget.
    • Hotels that are price-monitored by TransForm have increased to 35-40 from 10-15 initially.
    • Client's marketing cost reduced by 20%.
    • The paid search campaign conversion ratio improved by 20% in response to competitive pricing strategies.

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