Top best practices for exceptional customer experiences in 2021

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Great customer experience is a strong differentiator. Maya Angelou once said: People forget what you say, but they never forget how you made them feel. Rightly said: People don't buy great products; they buy better versions of themselves.

Delivering engaging customer experiences is an integrated mix of S.M.A.R.T. marketing, intelligent data analytics, thoughtful promotions, value-driven content, connected commerce and effective lead management.

The world briefly took a pause due to the pandemic, but the web didn't! In fact, it exploded! 

COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated digital adoption. Due to this digital acceleration, we all witnessed a tremendous shift of consumers to digital commerce. This behavioral shift has highlighted the need for organizations to fine-tune their customer experience strategy and management to ensure it lives up to the expectations of consumers who are now living in a digital economy. Customers' demand for personalized engagement is most likely to continue in the year 2021 and beyond. That said, for savvy brands and retailers, the strategies for delivering best-in-class experiences remain a priority. 

To meet the needs of digital customers in 2021, organizations will need to build omnichannel customer experiences. The use of advanced technologies for customer intelligence, automation, personalization, as well as contextual relevance, will help serve the right digital experience to the right customer at the right time.

The year 2021 would require brands to put customer experience at the center of their strategy, thus putting digital strategy at the center of the business strategy. It would not be just digital-first; it would be "eCommerce First Strategy." The most successful retailers will focus not only on getting the buyer's early attention but will also extend the focus on customer service experience to turn them into loyal customers. 

What are the best practices for effective customer experience (CX) management in 2021?

Great experiences build solid connections, and solid connections build long-term relations - this stays true for any business! Whether you are a B2B or B2C, customers will compare the best experiences that they have had. 

Bringing back "Personal" in "Personalization."

In-person (physical) interaction is critical for impactful customer experiences, but 2020 taught us that

"personal" isn't synonymous with "in person." Trust and Empathy are the underlying factors for the Human Experience. By understanding their consumers' values and emotions, businesses can ensure that their brand promises are aligned with what is most cared for by their audiences. 

Logic powered the workplaces, whereas emotions were meant for the home. Home and workplace detachments blurred in 2020. Brands need to place themselves in their customers' shoes (literally) to remodel consumer experiences successfully.

Leveraging human sentiments like trust and empathy will have a crucial role in delivering an exceptional CX in 2021.

New customer journeys that connect customers on an emotional level will need to be re-imagined. These journeys will create more positive perceptions of brand value, leading to greater customer retention and customer lifetime value.

The year 2020 reinforced that the foundation for any business is people (customers and employees alike) and relationships. Businesses must prioritize what these people need and want over anything else. 

In 2021, customer experience will be more relationships over transactions. Customers will expect seamless and consistent shopping experiences elevating the current trend for contact-less commerce.

Technology breaks barriers during challenging times.

In 2021, technology and automation will augment human interactions, the new normal that we started witnessing this year.  

As the global pandemic restricted in-person communications, customers across all age groups increasingly relied on technology to communicate with the business.

Hence it necessitated brands to deliver seamless and consistent customer experience across varied online channels, multiple screens, social media platforms, instant messaging, voice assistants and more. 

Traditional customer profiles are becoming deeper and broader, and leading technology organizations are deploying advanced systems that provide an omnified view of the customer journey across multiple channels.  

As digital technology takes center stage in providing a contactless consumer experience, the key differentiator in 2021 will be in building digital services that demonstrate care and comfort, trust & confidence, control & convenience to customers, thus strengthening the relationships with them.

Brands with strong digital experience offerings like intuitive mobile browsing, rich UI/UX, voice commerce, multiple payment options, AI-driven chatbots, and accurate & personalized recommendations will win 2021 and beyond.

If Technology is the Vehicle, Data is the Oil.

Data, and its effective usage, will be the lifeblood of creating an exceptional customer experience next year. Success will come to those who interweave data into the heart of everything they do, base every CX decision on customer insights.

Customer insights and customer intelligence are vital outputs of effective digital technology implementation. Organizations must democratize data, harness data intelligence services, manage outcomes and deliver business relevant and timely insights.

As digital becomes the primary mode of engagement for consumers, while designing the customer journey, digital marketers will be required to take a step forward of taking ownership of every possible consumer touchpoint. 

2020 has taught businesses that meaningful and contextual connections are crucial to win the new digital consumer. Whether it is a B2B or B2C business, using data insights into your customers' experience will be pivotal in building a solid foundation of a customer relationship. Since the customers are now demanding a more seamless and consistent experience across all digital channels, better use of data, and intelligent insights will be crucial.

Timely and relevant personalized content is necessary for effective customer experience management. Achieving this requires integrated data across multiple platforms, but most importantly, integrated people from marketing, data, technology, service, and operations. Better targeted CTAs (prompting the consumer to take the desired action) can be implemented by increased use of behavioral data analysis and mapping value points in consumers' purchase journey. Brands will have a major focus on capturing first-party data for driving meaningful personalization and seamless experience across devices and technology platforms.

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